Monday, September 25, 2006

Yet another new week

how funny that one seems to follow after the other like they do. LOL

Ive seemed to have lost some momentum for writing and being online at all. It's been a wrenching week, and Ive just not had the heart for writing and being here. But it's time to pull up my socks and just be back here at least to post the photos.

Scott got home from his trip, everything was fine here, and we carry on as normal. He brought the kids some BlueJays stuff and I got a Blue Jays Hat. Cute LOL. We all went to the airport to greet him and surprise him cause the kids should have been home in bed ;)

The rest of the week was a blur somewhat focused on the website I owned with a friend. Friend HA. Ive learned yet another lesson. Dont Trust Anyone who cannot look you in the eye cause it's really easy to screw someone you arent looking at. Things have been slow on the site and this friend decided it would be better if she owned the site alone. She locked me out and changed all passwords etc, and now owns the site by herself. How can she do that? And to a friend? I have no idea. But I am no longer associated the site not to ever be named here again. Since there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, it is what it is. Someday I may feel like discussing it but today I am just still too shocked and stunned by the Non-friend's behavior to even have the heart to think of it. I have learned another web lesson.

So What have we been up to?
The kids went bowling Friday night at a birthday party, Glow Bowling at that! It was kinda fun really, it was the first time for 2 of them to bowl. And the Glow Bowling was pretty neat.

Annika loved it and enjoyed seeing her pins fall.

Holly was a little more awkward but was very good at it.

And Taylor was trying to bowl like a big person :)

Scott had been away in Bridgewater Friday and came home with a little surprise for the girls.

This fellow remains unnamed at this point lol. It has to be something we love, to stick it on him for years and years. He is fitting in nicely and is loving and sweet. His favorite place to sleep is on my desk underneath the paper holding device.

So Saturday we went to another Cow show, this one at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor Nova Scotia. It was cool and rained later in the day but Grammy met us there and we had the morning with nice weather and Scott showed cattle and Taylor followed her Auntie Angela around for the entire show, helping photograph class winners. Taylor got to show a friend's heifer (sorta) in the Junior Herd class;

And Scott showed his brother Brian's cow Boones who was the show Grand Champion.
By the time we got home it was late and my cold had set in big time so I went to bed and the kids did soon after but Sunday we were all running again LOL Taylor had a birthday party, Holly went to play with a friend, and I had a Stampers' 10 class in my house. It went super well and we made some awesome stuff.
Which brings us back around to Monday and Scott's gone away again to New Brunswick, kids are in school, and Aleah was back here.
Gotta make supper. Bye, y'all!

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