Thursday, September 21, 2006

June 14 06

And It Begins
Yup. Summer has officially begun. No, the kids are still in school, the weather is not great and there are no vacations yet. But the summer SPORTS have begun. Mondays and WEdnesdays Taylor has Baseball. Tuesdays and Thursdays Holly has Soccer. Annika? Well there's no room for her. I will promise to take her swimming tho
I'm not sure I was ever meant to be on the sidelines. And I am sure I don't particularly like other people's kids. There were some really annoying kids at Taylor's ball practice tonight I mean really annoying. And The Coaches had that whole Chauvanistic attitude going on, they ignored the 2 girls on the team and concentrated on the boys. I suppose I might as well get used to it. Or get involved.
Holly's soccer last night was awesome. She was so cute, smiling and running all the time. It was fun and she actually could be pretty good, she got right in the crush of things and went for the ball rather than standing back and waiting
It could be an interesting summer.

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