Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another growing Up Step and some catchin up.
On Monday of this week my Holly took another step in her "growing Up". Of course since she is going to school in a little over a week, She's taking loads of big steps. LOL Poor kid is a November baby, and the School cut off is Oct 1 so she's been home a year longer than some kids. that wil make her one of the oldest kids in her class. I dont think Holly would have been ready to go to school last September anyway, although she really was by December. But she was very shy and had little confidence. She's not so shy now although I dont think the year home did her much good. She's not sure about making and keeping friends, she's set in her ways, and she's VERY attached to mommy. I am sure she will do well, but there will be some days I believe we are going to have issues
So on Monday she went to see the Doctor for her 5 year old vaccinations. We changed their vaccine schedule so that when they are 5 they only have to have one vaccine. They had their MMR when they were babies, and since they had chicken pox they wont have to have that vaccine. Holly knew it was coming and although she was very nervous she was SO brave and unlike her big sister, I only had to hold her on my lap and hug her (no wrestling). Once it was done, she was kinda like...that's it?? she said yes it hurt but not like she thought. And I always said the waiting and anticipation is always the worst. Holly is 43 1/3 pounds and 43 1/3 Inches tall. Apparently at some point it is very normal for height and weight to be the same LOL. Just not something I ever noted before.
After we came home and recovered from the whole experience and had some lunch, we went shopping with Nanny for Book Bags. Taylor's needed replacing and Holly got a new one for starting school. They did not get the ones I wanted them to of course. LOL but they did get nice bags that seem like they will hold up well.
Another step in the Back to School process. SIGH now I have to finish buying school supplies. That will be my job this week. And the back to school shopping trip to find those all important first day of school clothes! And I should call and get them some hair cuts.
Monday night's baseball was rained out despite the fact that when we left the house it was sunny. It's not THAT far away, good grief HAhahahaaha.
Tuesday morning Annika got up very early. Rather than let her wake the whole house up, I took her and the dog for a bike ride. She sits in the little seat behind mine and as long as she doesnt move too much it's a very easy way to take her out. The trail was nice and quiet and although we did see a few people, we were mostly alone and the dog was SO well behaved, he ran behind (or in front) of us the whole way. He didnt bother other people, and he didnt wander at all It was a great ride and I was very tired when we came back an hour later.
This is part of the Trans Canada Trail that starts in town and continues all the way to where Scott's parents live. It was the old railway tracks and is now walking biking and horse trails.
We came home for breakfast and Scott went to work while we cleaned house then went off to the Exhibition.

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