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Buying a Car.August 22 06

what Torture. I mean seriously. We went to my mother's on Sunday to get the dog after we had been away, and Monday morning Scott says Let's check out a car in the Valley. And that is all we did for the rest of Scott's vacation. It invades your life, every breathing moment, every awake thought (and even a lot of sleeping ones). Monday morning, Scott says "we'll be back in an hour" and we leave the kids with their Grammy. An hour? HahAHAHAHA. I hope she didnt believe him.
LOL So we started at Honda. We love Honda. We have had a Civic and a CRV previously and loved them both, only giving them up to the car seat dilemna. The CRV would not hold 3 car seats. We go to Honda and a very nice lady comes out, introduces herself. I explain our mission: We are interested in booting our Van for a CRV type vehicle. LOL. Why?? we would like the monthly payments to go down. Significantly. And I know we can do that. And I hate the van. I never liked it. Never connected with it. Just drove it out of necessity and hoped no one I knew would see me in it. LOL. Unfortunately everyone has seen me in it. With my loads and loads of kids. LOL. So we kinda go and look around the Pilot and the CRV and even the Ridgeline and discuss prices and stuff...and while she is telling me how much I would LOVE the Honda Van (Odessy) she says Ok well do you want to open something?? I am like HATE vans please lets look in a CRV. OK we look. They are bigger than before and still familiar. LOVE it. LOLBut there was no discussion beyond hey that's nice. She even continued to try to sell me on the idea of the Odessy, pointing out a loaded USED one that had been driven by old people and would be the best drive I ever had. What part of I HATE MINI VANS was she missing? LOL
Just before we left I pointed at a grey CRV that had roof rack, running boards, fog lights, very spiffy looking. I said I WANT THAT RIGHT NOW. She kinda laughed and said ok nice to meet you here's my card Bye Bye.
Ugh ummmm dont you wanna sell me that car???Bye Bye Honda.
So we wander off to the Ford dealer, looking for an Escape or something like that. Hello?? Hello?? is there anyone here???
Ok we wander off again.
Down to Nissan. As much as I love the Xterra, I am sure they are too expensive, and way hard on gas. So we look more seriously at a cute little Versa, a small car, and an Xtrail, the SUV step down from the Xterra. The car was wayyyy awesome and cheap but since we have the van to unload there was too much extra $$ to hide in a cheap little car. Scratch that. We did drive it tho, what a nice little car!SO we check into the Xtrail, it has loads of nice features including these beverage holders that heat or cool your drink and it was a nice driving vehicle. We drove it too. We talked price. Then we left to do some compare but this vehicle would nicely lower our payments and give what we wanted.
We kinda peeked next door at the Mazda place but I felt really funny walking out and next door so we instead drove to Toyota. Crickets greeted us. there was no activity, no reaction to us wandering around. We left.
We went to the Dodge dealer. Oh we did not want another Dodge, we hate the van, we hated the Dodge service (every one we went to) But they have the Jeeps. And who doesnt love a Jeep?? Ok spare me the "I hate Jeeps". I am sure you are out there.So we are looking at a Jeep Liberty. LOVE it and always have. We take it for a drive and the fellow makes us some numbers. OMG we can afford that; not only that but it's the cheapest so far By Far. Hmmmmm.
Mazda? Well eventually someone came out but again not in a hurry to sell us anything. I love the CX-7 but dont think it's in the price range (this would replace the car not the van) but anyway we can leave these guys and deal with the fellow in Truro.
Somewhere in the middle here we went home, checked the kids, and ate something LOL. Then back out.
Back to Ford and someone did come out but it seemed to me he was more interested in making sure we didnt steal or scratch anything than selling us something. He didnt even offer to open a door, despite Scott going to one FreeStyle 3 times and asking about it. Scott's parents are die Hard Ford fans, and we cant seem to even get one out the yard. LOL away we go again.
We drove to Pontiac but they were closed, and popped by Chevrolet to see the Equinox. The lady there gave the best vehicle tour, and what a nice vehicle. She couldnt give us numbers tho! lol So after being quite impressed with the vehicle we left with no idea what it would cost us really LOL. Although by this time we are getting good at figuring it out. I think we could have afforded it. BUT it kinda reminded me of a van.
I think we are almost done for one Night. Yes night. LOL. We discussed what we had seen all freakin night. LOL Scott has a one track mind and it was on cars. We had planned to go back to Truro in the afternoon and not only did we stay but we missed baseball and forgot about Garbage day Tuesday so we missed that too EW. And Scott was supposed to umpire and he got someone else to do it.
Tuesday morning YIKES he's running out the door at DAWN. He comes back with the Liberty to do the Car seat check. That's the last test And they fit. I took the kids and the grammy for a ride. I love it! It's bouncy and fun and I love it! They have our colour (almost) and with the features we want. I love the Liberty! LOL. And then we take it back. Huh??lol We go to Nissan and get the Xtrail. We put the car seats in. They fit. We go for a drive and have lunch. Ya it's nice. The fellow there was ready to deal and really wanted to sell that vehicle to us. We say "we'll get back to you" and leave.
Now we want to get home. We have soccer at night and Scott umpires. Lets peek at one more spot, Hyundai. LOL OMG. Well they had the Santa Fe and the Tucson. I liked them both. We had the kids this time but we took some time and got the vehicle tour, of the Santa Fe (which I thought was a little pricey) and then drove it. It's nice, a little bigger than some but it's nice. Not available in a Standard Transmission. Really?? Okkkkk...Shiftronic it is. whatever that is. Kinda silly IMO, so people can drive an automatic but feel like they are shifting away like the cool kids LOL.
The lady there didnt really talk much about the Tucson but more on the Santa Fe (it's more expensive duh). And the kids are starting to act up. "oh that's ok we dont mind". But I do. And if we dont leave we will miss soccer. huh? You need more time to get us numbers? Ok we are sitting there and sitting there. They kept coming back and going coming and going....and we'd say we have to leave and there was a number. Oh ok that's too much, thanks anyway. Well if they can get it lower can we talk? Ok. Well they got it lower and CONGRATULATED us on buying a car. WHAT?? Ok Put on the brakes. Scott breaks out in a sweat and starts rubbing his head (that's his "I'm Stressed" gesture.) Im like No I didnt say that. No he didnt say that. They get the Sales guys, he comes in and says "didnt you agree that if we could drop this price we'd be doing business?" Ummmm....well that's not QUITE how she put it. Like OMG. They would NOT let us leave. No the crying children, that didnt bother them. Soccer? Oh missed that sorry. well we have to leave. WAIT. Don't you want to give us your Visa and put the deposit down so we can put that SOLD sign on the Santa Fe? OMG! Ok how about a handshake and you call us in the morning with your agreement. OMG. lolWe left rather shaken and a lot mad. mad mad mad. We need a lower payment, not higher. and I didnt like it THAT much.
OK home and off to Bed and Umpiring and all that.
Wednesday morning Scott left at the crack of dawn to go Golfing. The kids were playing outside and I cleaned up and did laundry from our trips and stuff. And the phone started rining. And Ringing. And Ringing. I totally stopped answering. How did these people get our phone numbers?? LOL. the only one I answered was the nice lady with the Equinox who I asked to give us some numbers. Ya know, I never heard from her again LOL.
After Scott came home he was STILL all on about the cars. We dropped the kids off at his Mother's and went back at it. Toyota...well he talked to us at least but there was nothing we wanted to see. Ford...also talked to us but there was just something about them...they didnt want to sell anything apparently because he didnt really show anything either. We went to Pontiac and checked out the Torrent which is the Equinox all but for the name. Funny. Didnt get far tho. Went to see the Equinox and actually talked numbers with them, there was a nice red loaded Demo model there that we would have considered BUT they seemed to be asking the original price for a used vehicle (not Very used but still used) and although I liked it, it wasnt the price I wanted and I was a little ugly they wanted full price for it. HELLO. and still too long...vannish.
I made Scott talk to a few of these car people who kept calling lOl.
I think at this point we had to go to baseball Thank Goodness. Talked to a fellow there with a Scott's all chomping at the bit again and we wander around looking....and got by Honda again...Well now lets try there.
So Thursday morning comes around and Scott's gone at the crack of dawn again. On opening there were NO salesmen at Hyundai. Funny. Scott wanted to bring a Tucson home and He says he waited 25 minutes and none came so no Hyundai here HAHAHH!. Went next door to Honda instead and brought me home a CRV. Do I love this car?? OMG yes. lol And it was totally priced to save me money! I also love Money! LOL. WE drove it and thought about it and went to see the Honda Dude who had really sold us the other 2 we had. It was like coming home. I got my CRV, not the model we looked at but one with more Outdoor luxuries (roof rack, Running Boards, Fog lights...sound familiar?) that was a little cheaper because the indoor luxuries (6 CD changer, outdoor temp guage, radio controls on the steering wheel, I can barely remember what else) were missing. I would FAR rather the outdoor fancy than the indoor. And we got a bike rack too! And all for way less than the van that we HATE. ROFL.
Friday we went to Halifax. We visited a Snake Taylor wants (a Motley Corn Snake, not a person) and then went to see the Buskers festival on the waterfront. Then we came home and picked up MY NEW CRV! The ordeal is over and we rested that night.

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