Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 12 06

Wednesday July 12
Wednesday was Such a quiet day. We're not even trying to do anything or get anything done this week LOL minimal housework, no big projects (last year we redid the rec room), and no plans!
The kids had VBS, Taylor's friend Emma went with them. Annika stayed home again with us. Scott's mother appeared mid morning with a little surprise, a new lawn mower. Scott's been a little hard on Lawn mowers, the one we had from out west was harmed on a buried steel post, and when it was repaired he came home and hit the same metal post within literally 5 minutes. the Damage was too severe this time and there was no saving the mower. So we have been using his parent's mower and one from our neighbor last year and beginning of this...well his father decided we should have one...and his mother got it and brought it in.
The kids came home with Emma in tow, and after they all ate, they decided they should earn some money for the missionaries at the church, the Nachos. LOL I know, kinda funny. the picked some flowers (little tiny things) and tied them up in 5 little bouquets. They made a little stand and went out by the road to sell these flowers! There was one lady who bought one and gave them 6$!!! So they sold them all (some to us, some to others) and earned around 11$ to take to VBS for the Nachos.
The little ones and I made some cookies in the early afternoon (it was not too hot then) so they did not feel too left out while Taylor and Emma played. We used the Chocolate Cookie Recipe posted on Untamed by Meghan! Recipe
To Be Continued...

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