Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Week Beginning

It's Tuesday. We skipped Monday thank goodness! I so dislike Mondays! Actually Monday was a holiday here, Natal Day, so we didnt do a lot. It was really windy and that kept us from getting anything done outside.
Saturday was a big clean up day. The kids played on the computer and outside while we were working on the basement. Scott put up some shelves after a lot of anger and cursing LOL but they are up now thank goodness!
Now I really need to finish filling it, but not all at once. Scott cleaned off his workbench (what a mess) and half filled it from that, not what I had hoped for, as I wanted the floor cleared off...oh well. It's coming along better all the time.
In the afternoon the kids went to their grandmother's for awhile so we worked at the basement and then went to Walmart to find Coat racks...the ones you hang on the wall....there were none there of course. I think we'll make our own with 2X4's and a bunch of nails
Sunday was the opening of a new part of the Trans Canada Trail out in Old Barns near our church. The community was celebrating with a number of events. There was the trail opening and ribbon cutting,
The fellow on the left is Scott's father, councillor Bill, and the fellow on the right is the Mayor. In between are community members who made the trail happen
After the ribbon cutting there was a scavenger hunt where the girls went with their grampy and we walked behind.
They got Mayor's Challenge T Shirts for their scavenger hunt, then there was a draw from the a Health organization (cannot think of what) and the girls each won something. I had fingers crossed for a new soccer ball Taylor won a pedometer, Holly a Basket Ball, and Annika a Play Ball (ie little red and black soft ball.) Holly wrangled and traded her way from the baseket ball to a small soccer ball to a bigger soccer ball so we were all happy
I scrapped a cute photo from the trail for our Digital Spotlight this month here at Untamed, a photo of Holly giving me That Look.
The page set is Sienna by FireWolf
Scott's grandmother who has been ill went to the hospital early Sunday morning and was treated Sunday for bleeding in her stomach. She remains in hospital.
In the afternoon my Aunt and Grandparents came for a visit, then Sunday night we went for a nice bike ride. Holly did really well for her first long ride, Scott stayed back with her and Annika was on back of my bike, and Taylor biked ahead most of the time.
Monday was a slow day, I wasnt feeling well and Taylor wasnt either. we layed around and slept most of the day away. Baseball was a bust due to the Holiday, only 2 people showed up (we were one).
Which brings me back to Today, my aunt stopped in on her way to Halifax (she is visiting from Montreal) and the colouring commandos made her colour most of the time that she was here.
I should get some laundry done. I slept in late this morning as Holly was awake very early and stayed awake through a thunderstorm, afterwhich she did fall asleep and and let me go back to sleep for a few minutes! Going to be a long day!

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