Friday, September 29, 2006

Blog Challenge from Scrap That Moment!

"They say you are what you eat! If that is so....what would you be masticating??! "

I hate topics about food, Honestly I do. I dont scrap food, I rarely talk about food, although it's obviously a very important part of life, I just dont dwell on it. Why? Im fat. Ok in my head I am fat. I realise its all relative, but I really think all the time about weight and how I need more exercise and less chocolate. So food is something I rarely ever write about and never scrap.

What am I?? Im a chocolate covered pasta sandwich. I love in that order, chocolate anything, pasta, and bread products. See why I could never do a Low Carb diet? I adore them and they are really all that leaves me feeling full. I have meat issues, last few months it turns my stomach and sometimes I have to make a real effort to eat it. Maybe the vegetarian in me is trying to escape.

Anything chocolate appeals to me. LOL I have phases where I want certain things for awhile and then I dont for a long long time. Lately it is Fudgeeos. LOVE them. Double stuff is best.

And Pepsi. Scott bought diet caffiene free pepsi. What is the point without the caffeine? Gimme the caffeine already. LOL And Coffee. Well lets just get that straight, coffee, cappucino, and tea in a pinch are real winners. Want them. Daily. And mix with Hot Chocolate most of the time. See the chocolate theme runs here too. What could be better than Tim Hortons' coffee with half Hot chocolate.

I need to exercise more.


NancyJones said...

IM like you definitly chocolate and pasta!!

Jocelyn said...

When you said, chocolate covered pasta sandwich I actually thought that was a dish!!! Hmmm......maybe something to think about making! LOL! Thanks for playing with us.

You may not like my today's blog challenge either. Food related again. Didn't mean to do it back to back....but after seeing Matthew, all I could think of was eating! :)