Thursday, September 21, 2006

June 30 06

Sunday July 30
again I was driven out of bed by children. Little people who like to sleep ON TOP of me, and kicking and pushing So I got up and layed on the couch and watched Coronation Street. I hate admitting I even started watching that, but last winter there were SO many early Sunday mornings when there was nothing on... lol
Scott got up and made Waffles for breakfast. I think he felt bad for Lying to me about his umpiring on Sunday, he said he would not go so we could have one day of the week together, but he had told them he likely would if IIIII would let him. I hate that. If I say no because I want the family to be together, I'm a B#^%&. And If I say fine go (and every woman knows that "FINE" means it is not fine) then we dont have a single day together this week.
Ok So I say Fine Go. and he goes. Not one game, no, but 2 games.
So the kids and I have a quick lunch, gett dressed, and head over to Jacob's fourth birthday party. LOL the excitement of my Sunday cannot get any better.
The kids first see the yard is decorated and has Dinosaur prints all over the lawn. Very cool. They painted Dinosaurs,
They played in the pool,
They hunted in the SandBox for Dinosaurs, blew bubbles, and had Dinosaur cake.It was nice that they fed the parents and other adults that were there, so that was supper!
After we came home, we took the kids to their Grandmother's for a sleepover, and came home. I was SO tired I climbed into bed, watched Cold Mountain on TV, and still didn't go to sleep til midnight. And I dont think it's only the kids keeping me awake, my BACK was aching too much to sleep anyway

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