Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Amazing Episode of....

What we've been up to lately :)
Because everything has been so incredibly busy around here, Ive not been getting a lot of anything done, and very little of it is done Right. SO I am working on rectifying that by never sleeping. I simply cannot be wasting those hours sleeping that I need to be putting into something more productive.

Holly has her first loose tooth almost ready to fall out. It's been moving for awhile but it's really loose now.
she asked Daddy to pull it out but I say it isnt loose enough and she did chicken out and make him stop. UGH. Teeth and eyes are not my fav things to be touching. Teeth worse.

Im back at doing bows again. This year I have recruited a little army of what I call my Cameron Girls. Because the girls doing the "fluffing" are both last name Cameron, no relation. LOL But they are busiliy fluffing their nights away.

Annika started Youth Bowling last week. Its been a struggle to find her something to do. She didnt wanna do this or that, swimming was too hard to get them all in at the same time, dancing regustration was in July with no advertising and is full for a whole year, and she's just not sure what to we are trying bowling. :) She really likes it too!

She's got a tendency to launch her ball into the air but she's already understanding the idea of throwing just a little faster makes a straighter ball and she likes to watch the pins drop. It's going well.

She's excited to go back every week but it's a pay as you go thing so if we miss....that's ok!

Classes are going ok for me, last week I added a new course so in the process I got myself a little cubby hole, or office to work out of. I was working in the copy room which just wasnt going too well, with me being there 4 or 3 days a week all day. So Ive my own computer and my own shelf lol and somewhere to leave my lunch.

One of 5 classrooms I end up teaching in, I am all over the school lol!

I had my Equine class dissect rabbit digestive tracts last week, it's the only way for them to really get to see what goes on inside there, I mean it's small but it's nearly the same as the horse digestive tract. And much less space-consuming.

They got so involved, I was very proud of them lol cause it wasnt pretty and it smelled somewhat nasty but they got right into it and did a great job!

After finishing the bunnies I had them build a horse digestive tract out of balloons. Yes college students spent a Friday afternoon blowing up balloons. How else can you explain relative size to them without visuals? It was really a great plan, now one can relate what they saw to what they might see in a horse tract. It was awesome fun! But Ilike that sort of thing.
Other than being really tired I am loving being back out in the real world where I have a brain again and Im not just someone's mom.

Went Golfing with Scott and Trent in the Valley near where Trent lives. It was a nice course, some challenges...Im not consisten enough lol!

You cant really see the water down there, but this was a gorgeous view!

Taylor and Holly are into piano lessons again! this was Holly's first time, She did really well, paying attention great and totally getting what Beckie was saying! It went well and she's practicing a lot!

Annika got a little surprise in the mail, a little pair of slipper!

these were hand-dyed wool and hand made slippers from Auntie Al the knitwitch, she did awesome and Annika loves them and by the way she doesnt want me to put anything on the bottom to stop slippies, she likes them that way...Alison How do I plant the seeds?? The were in the envelope and in the slippers and everywhere and some I just dumped in the flower bed but I wondered again what the directions are....
Thanks much for the slippers!!!

on wednesday at school Holly lost that pesky tooth! LOL Her teacher put it in a baggie for her and it came home!

Holly Wrote a nice note asking her tooth fairy if she could keep the tooth and the money, and she could! LOL!

Putting the tooth and note safely under her pillow....

The tooth fairy came overnight and left the tooth and a toonie :) now we are waiting on the next tooth!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kiddie Quote of the Day

Annika: Mommy Im eating crackers. But they arent just crackers. They are Magic Crackers.
Mommy: OH Really! And what do those Magic Crackers do???
Annika: They make me Wiggle. *proceeds to shake teensy little bum all around my living room*

More Recent Digital Layouts

That I have done over the past month or so :)
Not getting much time to do anything lately so these are what Ive been up to :)

Another layout with FotoSusu's Flower Dream page set :)

Created with a gorgeous kit that I shouldnt mention yet for ahwile.

Same kit

TreasuresToScrap has done an awesome Monthly Collaborative kit by all of their Designers! These are 3 Quick Pages that I put together for the kit :)

And this one

And this one..
See the kit here

And with a recent kit of Juniana's called Lukas' world, I creatively did two Girly layouts with this very Boy kit :)
This one

And this one :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Annika Starts Pre-Primary

We're pretty happy to have Annika accepted to the 4 year old Pre-Primary program at the french school in town, L'ecole Acadienne. She went to the 3 year old program there last year and was happy to be going like her sisters, all day every day, this year. :D I wondered if it was a little much for a 4 year old, but she IS almost 5, OMG, and it's not really any worse than Daycare except she's learning and they have Routine and I love them having Routine. :)
Her first day was a couple of days after the other kids.
She got up excited and put on her new outfit that we went shopping for a few nights before...

All Smiles now LOL there were some touchy moments but she was pretty excited to go.

Showing us her back pack all ready to go too!

When she got to school she found her little closet and put her bag and coat in...
Sets up her little pets for the day, she isnt allowed to take toys to school but I sometimes let her take them and leave them on her shelf. Taking so real chances with Shelley tho!

And she joined her friends to play!

She had a really good first week :) She knew a lot of the kids from last year, and was happy to rejoin them. Her bestest friends Chloe and Angeline are both there a lot, which makes her comfortable! She was happy to go in the morning and not upset when I got there to get her, and she had really good days! :) I noticed Wednesday she was getting pretty tired but so was I so I guess it is understandable!

Now today when we arrived there were kids Crying and that of course set her off. I had to leave her not very happy, but I checked on her at lunch time and the teacher said she was fine within minutes although spent the morning "angry". OH do I know THAT Annika?? Totally predictable, that one is.

:) So Preprimary is a total awesome program! They are learning to play instruments and words and letters and numbers and all the Primary stuff! It's really awesome to see :) And with Annika turning 5 so soon and not going to actual primary school, it's just the challenge and entertainment she needs! She's too old to sit at home and watch the same tv shows all day! She needs her friends and school too :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

School's IN! Bummer!

Yes the kids have returned to school! I never thought I would say this, but it's about time! I love having them around...I miss them when they go to school, I love storm days and holidays and all that...but they needed to go back to school! The last 2 weeks they have been intolerable! Hateful...teary...bored....unpleasable...and FIGHTING endlessly! Boredom I suppose, and some need for Structure and Routine maybe. So as much as I miss them, they are back in school!
And So am I!!!! I went back as well, to my new job as a Sessional Lecturer at the Agricultural College in town! :):) Me, a TEACHER! How hilarious LOL! LOVING that irony...I was NOT the best student and here I am, teaching!!

Anyway, we got ready days before, actually had school supplies LAST WEEK, like totally ready, but for some clothes that we picked up the night before. I even had a little of my work done ahead...not enough but a little bit hahahah ive a lot left to do each day, need to get a little ahead tho! :):):)

In the morning, since we all had to get outta the house before like 830 ish, I actually hauled outta bed around 630am. Sorry for all you early risers, but that is really super early for me, I hate morning, I despise waking up, and I totally hate being social before like 10 am. UGH!

The kids got up around 7 and because they were excited, we did not have to totally beat them outta bed and from task to task, they were eager to get going too! :)

They ate and I did hair...Taylor had a very "mature" outfit on so she asked me to put her hair in a bun (likely the last time she will ask me to do her hair, it's such an arguement nowadays) and I straightened Holly's, which makes it very long and very pretty :):):)

Then they got dressed in their new clothes :) they were so excited about them! And I do think, they looked AWESOME!

Holly in her new clothes, so different from the ones she did want (which I likely will go get for her birthday) she decided on these ones because she felt they made her look so much more "grown up" and they really do although Cutie Pie still looks like an adorable little cupie doll! :):)

Taylor looking Shockingly grown up. I loved it when she agreed to this nice sweater/top but when she also fell in love with the black pants, I was THRILLED! She looked so nice and respectable compared to the kiddish things she so often picks out :) like Last Year.

They picked out great bags this year too :)
reluctantly agreed to use her Maple Leafs bag. I really should replace it with something else before that one gets ruined and breaks her little heart. She didnt want to use it at all...I bought her a Maple Leafs pencil case too, so she would feel better about it, but she's worried it will get wrecked. Doesnt stop her from tossing it on the ground tho! :)

Taylor's bag is a little more mature, I warned her that it would be harder to carry this one, but it's what she wanted anyway! The first day, she was commenting endlessly about how hard it was to carry, but I suppose sometimes we need to figure these things out on our own. :)

Annika didnt start school this week. She was kinda out of sorts with the other 2 going off without her. She is starting school on Monday at L'ecole Acadienne de Truro, where she is in a new 4 year old Pre-Primary program which runs all day every day. I dont know if she will stay all day each day, but on days I have to be late she can be there, and also she can stay other days when she wants to. I will pick her up some days if she's getting a little tired or finds it too much. She will be 5 in November after all, and they are finally changing the "school age" cut off, too late to help her, so she should almost be in school this year but wont be going until next year to Primary, the exact year they change the dates. UGHLY I am, but cant change it. Ive loads more to say about that, but I wont.
Annika spent the first 2 days of school with her Nanny, and starts real school on Monday.

My three girls, all being cute and silly and excited about their new School year!

Soooo cute!

All 4 of us ready to head out the door to School!

heading down the path to school! Because I had to be to school too, we ended up there very early, and the kids wanted me to come down and hang around awhile. Which I did :)

The usual happy reunions, people they've actually seen over the summer but apparently not enough so they totally had a hug and screech fest :):):)

And happiness at being back at school:) I am hoping for a great year!