Friday, September 29, 2006

Star Album

After all these years and all this time, I finally made one. A star album. An easy one albeit but a Star album all the same. And it was easy :) It was not hard! Thanks to my friend ANN (Thanks Ann!!!) and her paper, instructions, and glue, we had a great time and she finished her album as well :)

I used all Stampin Up products on this project and when I add photos and embellishments, I will also use Stampin Up items :) It's something I can show people!

The cover has Stampin Up patterned paper on it, from the new Christmas pack in the mini catalog for 2006 holidays! It's very nice and blue but not very Christmassy!
The colours inside include Artichoke, Barely Banana(I think) and Brocade Blue (Maybe, I cannot remember HAhaah)
I cannot wait to add photos and embellish this! I dont even know what I am going to put in it, but I have loads of events to choose from! It has 12 pages and room for small photos and short journaling!
IT's about time I made one of these!

Blog Challenge from Scrap That Moment!

"They say you are what you eat! If that is so....what would you be masticating??! "

I hate topics about food, Honestly I do. I dont scrap food, I rarely talk about food, although it's obviously a very important part of life, I just dont dwell on it. Why? Im fat. Ok in my head I am fat. I realise its all relative, but I really think all the time about weight and how I need more exercise and less chocolate. So food is something I rarely ever write about and never scrap.

What am I?? Im a chocolate covered pasta sandwich. I love in that order, chocolate anything, pasta, and bread products. See why I could never do a Low Carb diet? I adore them and they are really all that leaves me feeling full. I have meat issues, last few months it turns my stomach and sometimes I have to make a real effort to eat it. Maybe the vegetarian in me is trying to escape.

Anything chocolate appeals to me. LOL I have phases where I want certain things for awhile and then I dont for a long long time. Lately it is Fudgeeos. LOVE them. Double stuff is best.

And Pepsi. Scott bought diet caffiene free pepsi. What is the point without the caffeine? Gimme the caffeine already. LOL And Coffee. Well lets just get that straight, coffee, cappucino, and tea in a pinch are real winners. Want them. Daily. And mix with Hot Chocolate most of the time. See the chocolate theme runs here too. What could be better than Tim Hortons' coffee with half Hot chocolate.

I need to exercise more.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006

Yet another new week

how funny that one seems to follow after the other like they do. LOL

Ive seemed to have lost some momentum for writing and being online at all. It's been a wrenching week, and Ive just not had the heart for writing and being here. But it's time to pull up my socks and just be back here at least to post the photos.

Scott got home from his trip, everything was fine here, and we carry on as normal. He brought the kids some BlueJays stuff and I got a Blue Jays Hat. Cute LOL. We all went to the airport to greet him and surprise him cause the kids should have been home in bed ;)

The rest of the week was a blur somewhat focused on the website I owned with a friend. Friend HA. Ive learned yet another lesson. Dont Trust Anyone who cannot look you in the eye cause it's really easy to screw someone you arent looking at. Things have been slow on the site and this friend decided it would be better if she owned the site alone. She locked me out and changed all passwords etc, and now owns the site by herself. How can she do that? And to a friend? I have no idea. But I am no longer associated the site not to ever be named here again. Since there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, it is what it is. Someday I may feel like discussing it but today I am just still too shocked and stunned by the Non-friend's behavior to even have the heart to think of it. I have learned another web lesson.

So What have we been up to?
The kids went bowling Friday night at a birthday party, Glow Bowling at that! It was kinda fun really, it was the first time for 2 of them to bowl. And the Glow Bowling was pretty neat.

Annika loved it and enjoyed seeing her pins fall.

Holly was a little more awkward but was very good at it.

And Taylor was trying to bowl like a big person :)

Scott had been away in Bridgewater Friday and came home with a little surprise for the girls.

This fellow remains unnamed at this point lol. It has to be something we love, to stick it on him for years and years. He is fitting in nicely and is loving and sweet. His favorite place to sleep is on my desk underneath the paper holding device.

So Saturday we went to another Cow show, this one at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor Nova Scotia. It was cool and rained later in the day but Grammy met us there and we had the morning with nice weather and Scott showed cattle and Taylor followed her Auntie Angela around for the entire show, helping photograph class winners. Taylor got to show a friend's heifer (sorta) in the Junior Herd class;

And Scott showed his brother Brian's cow Boones who was the show Grand Champion.
By the time we got home it was late and my cold had set in big time so I went to bed and the kids did soon after but Sunday we were all running again LOL Taylor had a birthday party, Holly went to play with a friend, and I had a Stampers' 10 class in my house. It went super well and we made some awesome stuff.
Which brings us back around to Monday and Scott's gone away again to New Brunswick, kids are in school, and Aleah was back here.
Gotta make supper. Bye, y'all!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lots of stuff going on

Well my busy week (actually 8 days) is ending today and I might actually get some rest. It's Monday again, not my favorite day, but Annika and I are here alone and I admit I like that a LOT. She's Quite fun when alone!
We're preparing for getting a Baby Barn. We have so little storage, we are really looking forward to having a lockable spot for all that outdoor and lots of the basement junk!Scott is leaving Thursday so of course we have to get the spot all ready before he goes...sorta....Ok and this cracks me up...SCott makes this big deal about being near Truro the day before he leaves so he can help out and get things ready for him being away and it should make it easier on me. Wel he spend the ENTIRE day in the basement making phone calls and stuff for work. Yes he really should, and he really needed to, and it was all fine but if he PATS MY BACK one more time and says "Arent you glad I was around today to help you get ready for my trip" I might scream. Literally Scream. So when he emerges from the basement it is to pile into the car and go find stuff. Gravel. Patio stones. Stuff. We come home late, with a spare child (we totally freaked out her poor father cause we were late) and then gravel came and need to be spread. I need to get out this morning and spread it out a little more then add the patio blocks. Has said shed arrived yet? NO.
Eventually things were more or less ready for Scott's trip. Things actually go very smoothly when he is away, my house is clean, 1/2 the laundry, and the kids fight less and listen better. LOL So it's not all bad. I just wish this was not such a busy time for him to be gone. With the kids just in school and lots of stuff going on, it could be quieter.
Wednesday night the bow stuff came! I guess it's bowing time again!!
Scott's brother took him to the airport while I took Holly to the dentist. After I didnt take her right to school but instead took her and Annika to the first day of PlayGroup. There were a lot of faces missing, and lots of new people there too!
After we went to Scott's mother's so the kids could play with their cousins, and Aleah was dropped off there. Carter was also there for lunch, and had a lot of fun with the kids.
Friday was Picture Day at School! Holly's first, so she was nervous, and Taylor just has the goofiest smile right now, someone gappy and shy, I am looking forward to seeing the results!The morning of Picture Day was crazy! The kids got up and had Baths and showers and hair was blown dry lol and they both decided to leave their hair down for photos. We found them some cute shirts that did not clash, and Holly's was brown while Taylor's colourful. I really thought the themes suited them, but they wished they could have traded. Sorry, not the same size!!
After getting these pretty things off to School, we came back and Annika had her bath while Aleah watched.
After dinner we had Quinn in to play and coffee arrived with him YAY and he and Annika washed the dog who is making me crazy, pushing the door open and going outside, then rolling in something dead somewhere, and coming home smelling just horrible. Bath time again!
After supper Friday I sent the kids off for a sleepover with their Nanny and prepared for the scrapping Girls to come here! It was really a good night with no kids and no hubby in, so we scrapped for a few hours and had about 12 people in and out over the night. I worked on a project for our Stampin' Up downline meeting the next day, I did a PillowBox.
When everyone had left I kinda realised that for the first time since Taylor was born, I was going to spend the whole night alone. It was kinda a weird feeling and I loved being here alone. Unfortunately sometime during the evening a door was not closed tight so the CAT let himself out and didnt come back til morning so I worried all night! Then he came home and kinda puked up some blood. TALK ABOUT WORRIED! but he did eat a little so I went away for the day!
Our Stampin' Up Upline generously has us into her home maybe 2 times a year to learn some new things, and do some neat projects. We did make and takes and did a cute album, then we had a potluck lunch and did our shoebox swaps. Despite the chaos we did some beautiful projects
After a long day of stamping we headed home and I picked up the kids at their Nanny's. I caught a photo of this awesome sunset kind of by chance while taking some photos of the girls playing with the boys. (which didnt turn out well, it was kinda dark
Saturday night my friend Ann so kindly came over and helped me get ready for a large card party the next day. Procrastinator I am, I had barely started getting ready, but with her help I actually got to sleep that night.
Spent Sunday morning getting the kids ready and packing a few things for the afternoon party. Got out of the house late (how did that happen??) and took the kids to Nanny's where a family BBQ was going on. I ate a little then ran off to the card class where 4 of ten people came lOL.
We did 5 cards there, starting with simple and ending with complicated.
Two variations of a simple card, one with cut out snowflakes, and one stamped.
Again 2 variations, the ladies did the Little Lady with the sled. watercolour crayons were used here.
A card using pastels and Versamark.
designed by a friend of mine, this set got rave reviews.
We wrapped it up with this card using glossy cardstock and a spectrum pad, versamark, and lots of tools and ribbons.
By the time I got home last night I was so exhausted I could barely move. The kids...not so much so we went and they painted at a friend's place til it was bath time and then bed time. Wish they would sleep in their own beds

In a busy week

School is now in full swing and the kids are thrilled with it! Well mostly LOL. Taylor loves that she sees her friends again, Holly is making friends, her favorite is a boy named Miles lol. All in all it is going well They give demerits in school in a way that they can understand, like Holly gets a clothes pin each time she gets one...well she has gotten 2 and seems unaffected hahahaha I remember when Taylor got one once, she cried about it LOL. Holly not so much
With School comes the inevitable play dates. Taylor has literally asked every school day if she can have Cara come home or if she can go to Cara's house. On the second day of school Cara came here. Then the third day (Friday) Taylor went there and stayed over night. Then Cara came back here with her and stayed til Sunday afternoon. At that point we had to make it stop but Monday and Tuesday came the same pleas, can she come over? Can she come over??And then Holly cries when she doesnt have someone over too. I mean the kids across the street are always here but they dont count anymore
Aleah is fitting back in well I was worried that after not seeing much of her over the summer she would be strange of us but she's not, she's happy to be here again and that makes things a lot easier
Annika finds it a little strange to be alone here but Aleah helps and she feels pretty special when we do things together so I think that's going to be fun too
The second day of school was a lovely sunny day so the kids played outside afdter school and after supper we went to the park with some friends and they played til they were tired out
Saturday was Holly's final day of Soccer. Talk about drag it out LOL But she played two good games and was awarded her medal and it all went very well, she loves Soccer.
She also loves Hockey and is starting that this year! We;ve signed her up and got most of her gear already Sunday morning we had an opportunity to get her out on the ice and we went! Despite it being barely dawn LOL
Holly has a new friend she takes everywhere...I believe she also calls him Kermit, how original
So I have been painting my bathroom for like a year now. We put down awesome Ceramic tiles last summer and left the trim off so I could paint the walls. And then time got away, we were babysitting and busy with school, and suddenly, it was summer again. And we've been working on it all summer. Here and there when we have a few minutes.
Im determined to get it done very soon! All the cream coloured base coat is on, now I am ragging on glaze and Cuban Cigar coloured paint. There will be a finish over to make a linen appearance if I ever get that far!
And thatis what I did Sunday. We also watched Scott umpire likely the last game of the season, visited his Brother and family for a little while, then came back to get ready for school the next day.
Scott went to Newfoundland on Monday, what a long day for us! THe kids got along well tho and it was not bad A test for Scott's long trip I suppose, he leaves Thursday for 5 days.
Tuesday Annika, Aleah, and I went to Halifax with Scott. We got the cutest long sleeve T's for the kids SChool Photos on Friday! They are awesome!
Now Wednesday...I woke up with a Cold. Did I mention Scott leaves Thursday for 5 days?

First Day of School Fall 2006 Sept 7 06

was Holly's first day of school ever! I dreaded this moment for almost 6 years! She's always been Mommy's girl and I totally was not ready for her to go to school! lol But at almost 6 years old, she's more than ready!
We didnt talk about School much before the time came, Holly got her vaccinations and we got school supplies, ran out late in the game to get some First Day of School clothes (because I always buy the first day!!) We tried for weeks before School started to get something but Holly just couldnt seem to settle on something, she runs around the stores jacking up the hem on every skirt and dress and proclaims it unwearable because it has no shorts and someone might see her underpants. LOL I would have been better off investing in some bike shorts ages ago.
So the day before school started I was going to take the kids to the wildlife park like we do every year, and ended up waiting for Scott who asked us to wait for him to go shopping (school supplies Yup that's me last minute shopper! Equivalent of shopping on Christmas Eve LOL) and since Scott was 2 hours late we ended up not going to the wildlife park. We finished our supply shopping and went looking for clothes but cut that short so Scott could go umpiring. The kids had their baths and then prepared and packed their school supplies.(Im adding extra photos for you Carlene!)
Holly crammed everything into her bag threatening to break the zippers!
Taylor added her own name to some items this year!
Packed and ready to go!
Stuffed to the max!
Annika was feeling just a little bit left out and got some supplies of her own to put in her pencil box and book bag.
After the kids were asleep and Scott came home I ran out to Walmart to find an outfit. I decided whatever I brought home was going to be it, and she would wear it! I wandered and waffled but ended up finding a Dora skirt and sweater set. The skirt had shorts YAY hahaha and the sweater was colourful stripes and had a hood. It was perfect and I was a hero Super Mom
So the morning of dread came! LOL there were predictions that Holly would be one of those tearful crying kids clinging to the mama's neck with a death grip. I suppose it was possible. The girls were both up early, ate, got their hair dried, and dressed in their nice clothes. They were ready to go early and Holly was anxious to go.
We had some traditional before school photos taken and Nanny and Grampy were both in to wish Holly luck.
So we drove off to School and of course it is raining, pouring almost! LOL Holly and Taylor climb out with all their gear and away we run!
We hung around the playground (in the rain) and eventually Taylor ran into one of her friends and dumped us and then we walked Holly around to her door, where the class usually lines up...although they did not line up too well. There were little primary students everywhere! lol
Holly's teacher eventually came to the door to collect the little newbies and just like that, Holly was scooted in the door and was gone!
of course I snuck in the back door for some photos and to make sure Holly was getting settled in ok. She had some trouble getting a seat as the class was very full and there was supplies all over the place, but she did get a place to sit eventually and got a little help with her sneakers LOL
And over to Taylor's class to check on her behavior as well! She was so excited to see her friends!
I enjoyed a nice day with few kid moments...Annika went to Her nanny's and I went out for lunch with mrs Janet and 20 of her friends.
When I went to school to pick uip the kids, I found smiles all around. Taylor had claimed Holly from her class and they were waiting outside.
Notice Aleah is back with us this fall. she was happy to see her cousins
I always get their first day of school outfits, and Nanny gets a second day outfit. LOL The kids picked out some interesting styles and told us we are hopeless and need fashion help.
What is with tights? Is this the 80's??