Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 8 06

Pink Eye and Ear Aches

Two out of Three of the kids have the icky eyes. and the Third says hers hurt. What does a mommy do? How can I keep them home? lol I didn't. I toss eye drops near them and take them out. I even sent Taylor off on a sleepover to the beach. I warned the other mommy. She said ok I have eye drops. That easy. LOL
I started off the day yesterday with a Dental appointment. Misery. I had to have a filling replaced as something was growing underneath it. And I have freezing issues. I dont freeze well. Thank GOD for this dentist, who froze, not once, but twice, and when i could still feel it, did a different and very effective block one more time! I was there almost 2 hours! OMG. ! And I was frozen until way into the afternoon. But by the time she got going, I really did not feel a thing! Hopefully this is the end of sitting there trying not to jump when they hit nerves and stuff! OR I can hope the rest of the teeth remain healthy and the fillings all stay nice and tight
I actually went home and had the juice the dentist suggested, and slept off the adrenaline. LOL It's a nervy process and i didnt actually sleep the night before.
Taylor's last day of Science Camp was awesome for her! they made little cardboard ovens and checked to see how hot they would get in the sun! I think Taylor could have cooked in hers LOL Well not quite but it is impressive to see how hot it can get in a little cardboard box with Saran wrap and Tin Foil. Imagine what happens in a car! UGH poor babies who's parent's forget them
we claimed her Library Trivia Prize, it was a Unicorn book, could not have been a better choice for her
we went to Scott's Parent's place for supper, they had a nice Turkey dinner for the Great Grandparents who were there the kids played fora while then we came home and Scott went umpiring. Because Taylor got to go on a sleepover at the beach, Holly and Annika wanted special too! SO we stopped on the way home for popcorn, and after baths and a few minutes training with the dog, we set up the Princess Tent in the living room and they watched a movie. Until Annika started screaming that her cheek hurt. That went on for at LEAST 2 hours. Eventually I figured out that it was her ear, but no idea why it was hurting, and I heated some Olive Oil and soaked a cotton ball for her ear, layed her on a hot Magic Bag, gave Ibuprofen, and eventually she went to sleep (Thanks Alison
she's fine this morning. And I believe we are headed for the beach...again!I love the beach!

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