Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 25 06

Ahhhhhhh Tuesday
Tuesday is almost always better than Monday! It certainly was busier and I like busy days
hmmm I am wondering HOW MANY photos can I fill this post with? LOL
Got up pretty early and Scott went away for the night. We had a leisurely morning of cleaning bedrooms, then had to get to the Library for 1030, Annika had Youth Program-Dinosaurs. We stayed for a few minutes then went upstairs with Taylor and Holly to look at books. They picked some out and took them.
We went to the Mall for a walk and I got a new Mop, a Magic Blue mop. So we came home, had lunch, then I mopped the floor. It was...ok....the thing tipped a lot but I am not sure I did it right Anyway the floor looked really good.
The kids and I went to see neighbors with little kids and they ran through the sprinkler for a little while
Taylor didn't go in the sprinkler much, she preferred playing with the mommies
we came home for supper and then off to soccer again I dont know how I will go back to not coaching
We went out for ice cream with Nanny after soccer, who was taking Annika home for a sleepover. Apparently she fell asleep on the way home so it was not much of a sleepover
On the way home I saw this cool Sunflower growing out in the middle of a wheat (barley??) field. I had to do that silly mommy thing where I pulled over, ran out to the middle, and proceeded to take the photo of it. Was thinking, about perseverance and against the odds and all that HHAHAHAHAHA!
And a photo I took this afternoon at my neighbor's had to be scrapped so I used Doris Castle's Pure Love Page Set for it!

Youd think with one less kid I would get to bed earlier and sleep better. Nope. The two older ones did not want to go to sleep, and they both ended up in my bed, where there was no sleep to be had for me

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