Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 17 06

My First Stampin' Up! Party of the New Catalog Year!!
It's Over! The First Stampin' Up! Party of the New Catalog Year has been done and is over with. For me anyway I like to take the summer months really easy but thought I should attempt a new party as soon as I could So Monday was it! I really was intimidated by this party. The ladies I knew are Very nice and it was in a lovely location, I had awesome projects planned, and it was all good. BUT sometimes there can be difficulties with some of the ladies, and there was a Rep from the COMPETITION there! Yes a Close to my Heart rep was there! I had heard a lot about her! I only found out she was coming by chance, and I am kinda glad I did because it gave me a chance to really prepare mentally and she was as nice as everyone had always said she was. lol she was complimentary of the class and the products, I mean there are good and bad about both companies and I dont find it hard to work with the same ladies she is working with so luckily it's a good situation
Ok so to start with, I was up til 1 am Sunday night preparing. This is due to a bad memory and a lack of preplanning on my part, but it was not accompanied with the same panic I have experienced in the past. I got up really early Monday morning, double checked, showered and did hair/makeup, it was hot by 6 am so taking it as easy as possible. There was a pot luck lunch so Scott ran out at 730 to get some fresh spinach and mushrooms to make me a spinach salad, and I was ready when a friend came to pick me up at 810 am. We drove her little boy to his gramma's cottage about an hour away in Malagash, then continued on further to Fox Harbour, an amazing Golf course/Resort/gated community on the north shore. And of course it was STUNNING! The course, the Runway and Hanger with the Private Plane, the community were all like something out of a movie the Hostess's "cottage" HAHAHA was amazing and Air Conditioned, a good thing since the heat was really up. We did 2 cards and a book mark using the watercolour crayons, and it went really well albeit a little longer than I planned. We didn't get to walk on the beach, as when it was done we were literally running out the door to pick up the little ffellow and get back to Truro for my friend's husband to get off work and for us to get to Baseball.
I really did not want to go to baseball. I was running on no sleep and a totally wiping day with the class and driving what amounted to about 3.5 hours. BUt I got home and Scott says "we're going to Nanny's for supper" and off we went. I actually think I fell asleep there for about 10 minutes, and then off to baseball! that was actually nice once we got there, it was hot and the kids were really sluggish but they seem to be really understanding the rules of the game and it's going really well. I think by August they will be playing real games.
So home and off to bed without doing a whole lot. I did start putting in the SU order, did a few computer related things, watched a show on TV. And am starting to go to bed early. So I can get up earlier. I need to start having productive days
Ok off to hang out more laundry and get ready for the hot hot hot horse show I have to Vet check this afternoon. Health Canada is recommending people stay out of the heat. WHY am I heading into it???lOl

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