Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scott's Vacation

Scott's Vacation
Well after getting bumped back a week for what reason I dont really know, we are on vacation now. And it's not really much of a vacation. I gotta tell ya I really wanted to get away and have some relax time, and that's not happening and not looking like it's gonna.
Lets start with last week. Although I can barely remember what's gone on, I will attempt it LOL I need to Blog daily, I really do. Our plans were up in the air all week. Because Scott's grandmother was ill and his grandfather had cataract surgery and all was so busy, we werent sure if we were going to attend a yearly trip to PEI where it's Old Home Week and Scott often shows at the Holstein show, while his parents and I and sometime's my SIL take the kids to an amusement park. Rainbow Valley, Where I had gone since I was born, has been sold and closed down, so last year was out last time there. This year we were trying a new park, Shining Waters. LOLScott was not sure if he had to umpire on the weekend or not, due to a tournament that was up in the air, so we didnt really know til the end of the week that we were really going.
We went.
Friday we left and caught the Ferry to PEI. Holly was scared to death to be on the "boat"! I think she pictured something like a row boat carrying her car! But she loved it once we got on. We thought we had missed the boat we were heading for, there were so many obstacles in the way that morning! Surprisingly we did make it by about 4 cars. LOL
We got to PEI without a lot of trouble and Scott worked while we ate and did some wandering. Charlottetown is a really nice place to wander. It rained a little but was mostly sunny and not too warm. We went to the Exhibition next where we checked out some cows that Scott would be showing the next day,
We spent a lot of time in the 4H petting zoo. We went to the fairway but I got a little ugly at the prices and wouldnt buy the kids ride tickets. Mean mommy. they were spending the whole next day at an amusement park, I can justify not getting expensive ride tickets and letting them spend 10$ on a 2 minute ride (I timed it.)
We watched some race horses training for the big races,
Then we watched some barrel racing which is more my speed Then we went to the Hotel to check in and play in the pool. The kids had a tonne of fun on the water slide, Scott took the two little ones down (Holly didnt like it so much) and Taylor went up and down as much as she could.
it is impossible to get these people to stay still for a photo.An early night for everyone, since we had a busy day the next day.Scott got up at around 2 and went to wash cows. You really have to be there to get what they are doing LOL washing and clipping cows takes the whole time!
He popped in again at about 7 with a coffee then left again and we were on our own
The hotel room was less than I desired and we left as soon as possible. We walked around and bought some supplies for the day (water, band aids) and then met Scott's parents' and nephews for breakfast before leaving for the park.
Shining Waters was very new and clean. That was good. there was not a LOT to do, but the kids had a great time running from one thing to the next, and once their way was paid in, they could go on everything as often as they wanted.
a damper on the day was the rain, it rained just often and just heavy enough to keep us uncomfortable. We hid while it rained then ventured out again to see the attractions.
The kids went in mirror mazes and danced in an alien disco. they rode cars and boats, went on a pirate ship and a hay ride, saw lots of animals, checked out a chicken show and a treehouse, played on playgrounds and wandered in a Storybook Forest. Then when it was sunnier and warmer they went to the waterpark and the kids splashed in the kiddie pool and the duckie slide while I took Taylor over to the big water slides and convinced her to go down! She loved it and did that for the rest of the afternoon. Til it was time to leave. This was a great success and being wet finally didnt matter!
The weather was looking ominous and we did learn later that there was severe weather and water spouts near where we were. We didnt hit bad weather until we got back to Charlottetown. I took a little detour on the way and took some photos that werent that great
We got back to town, picked up Scott from his show, and headed for the ferry home. We could have taken the bridge and been home earlier but what is the fun in that??
If we had known how close we were to the 6 pm ferry we'd have not spent so much time messing around but we thought we were getting the 730 boat so didnt rush and missed the 6 pm ferry by about 7 minutes
While we waited we watched a wonderful Lightening storm and played with Scott's nephews who were also waiting for the boat. We checked out the gift shop and I am sure many have heard of Anne of Green Gables...well Annika tried an Anne Hat...
They played on the boat and we got home safely albeit late.
My mother had the dog so we had to go get the dog which starts the next adventure.

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