Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 21 06

Friday July 21
It's Friday! The weather is not supposed to be good as Post Tropical Storm Beryl is supposed to come right across us! The kids and I were supposed to go to the Beach at New Glasgow again today but either we go and it rains or we have to drive home in a storm, I dont want to spend the day stuck in a cottage with 5 kids, I just have too many things to do!
So I did get up early to watch the weather, Scott was up and gone very early, apparently for a golfing date he neglected to tell me about. The kids cleaned up their rooms a little and took the dog for a walk. They went in the pool for a while And I cleaned out the van. It gets really messy and for some reason one of the small people decided to take a PEN to the back of the seat in front of them...not once but twice! I vaccuumed then used a bucket of water and soap to clean the carpet, walls, and seats of the van. I dont think it's been so clean since we got it! And surprisingly a lot of the pop and coffee cam off the carpet with just a rag! I neglected to take before photos...but I got after!
I finished this just as the rain was starting! I quickly cleaned up the yard and went in to make lunch for the kids. Taylor made sandwiches for everyone for me!
The kids wanted to play on the computer for a while. They have Webkinz, these little stuffed animals that have a code you put into the web site and they become virtual pets. These pets need a tonne of attention too! LOL I do like to play some of the silly games So I figured they had earned their time, and set one upstairs on the computer and one downstairs so they could play together.
While they played Annika and I made some cards for a swap I am in! We made 12 of these little froggy cards!
By now the rain is really coming down.
The 2 older kids went to their grandmothers' for the night, and Annika stayed home with us because she fell off the couch and banged her head and I wanted her to stay here. We ran some errands and she fell asleep so we came home and I spent the rest of the evening finishing and sending off a Stampin Up order. And then wandered off to bed.

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