Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Buskers Festival in Halifax

On Friday we took the girls to see the Buskers. Well first we stopped in to a pet store on the way to see a potential new pet, then we went to see the Buskers. Buskers are Street Performers if you're not sure. There were stages on the Halifax waterfront with hourly shows that seemed to be staggered so that you could catch a few of them.
We parked at the Metro Center and walked down to the Waterfront from there, passing a really nice little coffee alley on the way that we didnt know was even there! The things you find out when you are wandering
While waiting for something to start and getting our bearings we came across Theodore Tugboat, a familiar television friend
Then we find there was a man with a Bicycle. The shows seemed a little slow to get started but they were good if you could get the kids to stay long enough The fellow with the bike started by listing a very long list of accomplishments and job experience including Circ de Soleil, and then proceeded to get on this bike in some of the strangest possible ways and was really funny while he did it The kids were fascinated and came home trying the same things YIKES!!
We wandered a little further and listened to some music and watched some musicians and dancers and a fellow who did chalk drawings on the pavement that were amazing. The kids watched the water and boats going by.
There were lots of Booths selling all sorts of things and the usual suspects doing characatures and pencil drawings, face painting and temporary tattoos. We waited quite awhile for another show to start, they wait a long time for maximum numbers to come along lol I found that hard on the kids who actually wanted to leave before some shows started LOL.
Then a fellow comes out with some buckets and "warms up". He calls himself Peter Rabbit from New York City and does some awesome bucket drumming LOL
There was some dialogue with some humour that was a little racey for the kids, but luckily most of it was over their heads. Then his friends Tick n Tack (yes twins) came out and they had some fun moves and dialoque (also a little ricky for small ears) but it was nice listening to them, they had quite a routine and did humour and dance to the bucket drums.
So we wandered off and saw a few more things on our way out, but we did have to get back to Truro to get me NEW CAR lol so we cut it a little short (the kids were wayyyyy tired) and came back to town.

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