Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Concerts

With the girls in 2 different schools, we had 2 school concerts to attend this year!
Annika had hers first, her Pre-Primary class was too cute! She goes to Ecole Acadienne de Truro. (excuse me if I spelled that wrong. It gets confusing after awhile :))

we did Annika's hair all up and then she put on this little HAT that the class had made lol and so much for the hair, but the dress was really cute :)

Annika's class went up and she was playing the Tambourine :) She tucked herself all nice and cute up there lol

When it was her big moment Annika stood up and did her thing...

Banging on the Fa la la la las :)

The entire school got up and did a cheery finale :)
It was all so very cute!

A night later Taylor and Holly had their concert at Douglas Street school :)

Taylor and Holly's concert included class performances and Choir for Taylor. Cute! And the finale was awesome!

OH Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree this year had a theme and that was SIMPLE without too much on it! There's such a fine line between the tree being pretty, and overdone, and we were careful to not cross it!

(we think)

After being unwrapped, the tree was pretty skinny LOL It took a couple of days for the branches to come down :)

After awhile it started to look fuller. It had a few holes we creatively filled lol

We replaced our old mini lights with LED ones this year, it made a world of difference! I didnt expect to like it, but I DID! Alot! lol We did some blue lights all around the insides of the brances, and then white lights on the ends of the branches.

I did most of the decorating this year, with the kids, and Scott did the photos, so there arent a whole lot of them :)

Annika managed to get into one photo :)

The tree after decorating! A little tweaking and distributing the ornaments and it was perfect :)

A few ornaments I really liked!

And the tree on Christmas Eve, before the excitement of the next morning :)

The Christmas Events

This Christmas was our busiest yet! Im just now catching up, havent had the time to blog about it all, actually havent had a lot of time to do anything! Totally enjoying a Social life and working and doing stuff with the kids, but it is past time to update this blog!

So the next few posts will be a catch up on the Christmas events we took part in this year!