Wednesday, June 24, 2009


lol if anyone every doubted how important Shelley is in our house, they wouldnt after they saw the Journal Annika just brought home from school lol. Every second entry is about Shelley or has a drawing of Shelley or has Shelley dressed like Annika....Its a Shelley book! lol

In fact, I was talking to Annika's teachers last week, about the pets we have in the house, and they included Shelley the turtle. I said....You know Shelley isnt real, don't you? And actually, they thought there WAS a real Turtle in our house! lol the way Annika talks about her, they thought she was real! And of course they have met Stuffed Shelley, they just assumed there was a real turtle at home lol!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

random Thought #16

Ran on a trail the other morning that goes under the highway. So There on the trail was a very dead large raccoon. Gross and smelly. So Im left wondering; did that poor coon get hit on an overpass and thrown over the rail onto the trail below? Did that raccoon get hit on the road and someone threw it on the trail (quite a toss)? OR was it hit and crawled to the center of the path where it rolled over onto ite back and died?

How did it get there?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Second Performance of the week!

School summer closings come with spring concerts :) Annika's concert was cute and short and adorable!

Annika has a busy week of performances :)

Annika took a hiphop/jazz dance class this winter and it wrapped up last weekend with a big show! Her little class was...interesting; she did learn some moves and she did have fun but I was really glad at the end of the year to hear her say she didnt want to go back. I did not think it was worth the hundreds of dollars it cost; she didnt really learn that much. I am glad she did have fun, makes it worth something. And she was so cute!

the group is ready!
Words from teacher
Stage makeup!

after Annika performed she was upset that she could not see us (huge crowd) so she cried...and cried when we picked her up...took her a bit to warm up and open those flowers :)

Cute little Fly on the wall!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Last Swim Meet - NS Junior Provincials

In Wolfville this year; Taylor has progressed enough to move on to Junior Provincials! It was a really good experience for her; she enjoyed it even tho it was 3 long days :)
Just highlighting some photos here :)I dont really remember right now what was what and would have to go back through the program to figure it out ;)

maybe someday I will edit these and add events and times :)