Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baseball this week!

Taylor had 2 baseball games this week. She played Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

Tuesday night was Chilly. The day was nice so we werent really dressed great for the temperature drop, and once the sun went behind clouds it chilled quickly.

Taylor on Third Base, running for home. Her first time at bat she got on base.

And she scored her first run! SHe got two that game.

Playing...welll i think it was second base. :) She likes second base.

Fielding a grounder.

Holly, Annika, and their friend played on the hill behind the field.

Do you like Butter? The buttercup game (although I think it was a dandelion lol)


A little On Deck conference.

And batting.

They lost the game 10-11.

Wednesday night the weather was much nicer. It was warm and sunny and the game was at the park.

Playing 3rd base.

Taylor enjoyed playing 3rd base. There was some action there and she had a good view of what was going on. :)

Warming up on deck :)

At Bat. Taylor didnt make it to base. She struck out...strangely....the pitching was pretty wild but the umpire was totally out to lunch. I try not to pick on the umpire but SERIOUSLY. One of her "strikes" actually bounced off the home plate. Sheesh I know they give these young learning pitchers a wide strike zone but he was just calling anything. Balls were only called when the catcher had to actually move 5 feet to come close the catching the ball. ANyway I think Taylor did a pretty good job when she was at bat, she didnt swing at "everything" and she tried to pick a pitch.
They lost 7-2.
While Taylor played the game, a friend's older daughter was at the park with their little girl, and she watched Annika and Holly for me. They played all over the park! It was SO nice to get to watch the game! :)

Holly the monkey on the rings

And on the bars. She can go all the way and back but prefers to slide down the poles at the ends.

Annika looking rather shocked. She was grumpy ;)

Taylor after the game.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunday party at Nanny's house

Nanny had a bbq for Carlene's birthday. Happy Birthday Carlene!!!
after the BBQ the kids begged grampy to go see the Foxes. They wanted him to take them on the 4 wheeler to see the foxes. So Grampy hooks up the trailer and takes Taylor, Holly, Annika, and Cara to see the foxes.

Nan and Gamp heading back over the hill.

Heading off in the trailer to see the foxes.

watching the foxes. the concept of quiet didnt really enter their heads.

The foxes didnt appear this day.

Back at the house, Rick, Gayle, and Nanny hopped in to go to the barn.

We continued off into the field of dandelions (ie weeds) which make an awesome photo...

The bay in the distance makes an awesome scene for photos :)

When we got home, I decided to clean my car. The girls wanted to help. I was in a hurry so instead of letting them help, I sent them to wash Scott's car.

They really loved washing the car :)

My rhododendron is blooming !

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saturday went to the Park

I love the park. I prefer going for a walk in it but I do love the park. Saturday started with a party at the park. Jesse turned 4! :) I took Holly and Annika to the party which was supposed to be 2 hours and we stayed for 3.5 hours. It was too too nice and warm!
The park has awesome flowers and scenery and I hoped for some good photos. I wasnt disappointed!
When we first arrived and the girls were restless I suggested they catch a butterfly. Annika took me seriously. She chased this butterfly all over the field, and up onto this little hill. She started to climb the hill until I suggested her outfit wasnt appropriate for woods climbing.

The girls blew bubbles and Chased them. The bubble solution did not taste so good.

I took the girls over to the Tulips. Last weekend was cold, rainy, and the Tulip Festival. We didnt go to anything but we saw the tulips anyway :)




After, the kids climbed the hill. All the way up to the school. ya all the way up THERE.

Annika and I walked to the river and she posed for me ;)

Watching the water...

Holly and her friend played with this big ol frisbee. We want one of these! Too cool!

Friends brought some cotton candy and the kids slowed long enough to eat it.

Cotton Candy...

I regret that I didnt get any photos of the water park. I didnt think I would want photos at the playground so I left the camera, and all of the kids ended up in the water. It was Tonnes of fun!

A Published Layout

By me in a magazine! Recently released was Canadian Scrapbookers' Summer Edition and there is my layout in it! :):):) It's a layout about being a Maritimer, sort of on the whole I am Canadian theme. it was a fun layout and I am glad to see it in print in a Canadian Magazine!!

OH yeah a LAYOUT!!!

I did a layout last week, for the Elsie Flannigan Challenge....#9 I think. I doodled on my photo! I had to use stamps, I's just what I do...but I would have used a pen too!

This was also a scraplift challenge at LIITD where someone started with a layout and scraplifted it, then sent their version to someone else who scraplifted that...then at the last person it was so interesting to see how close or far off we were from the original (not very close BTW):)
Stampin Up inks and stamps, Daisy D paper, Fancy Pants chipboard, Dymo Label maker

Some Random Photos

Cause it's not all dreary rain here, we were out in the yard doing some replanting and cleaning up last Friday and I took some cute photos :)

Holly in the tree. She loves to be in that tree.

Katelyn in the tree. Monkey see...

The House. Getting the yard closer to how I want it. BIG plans this summer. BIG plans.

Annika in the tree. Monkey Do.

Ask kids to water a plant...and what do you get? one child with a hose and a few others who cannot resist getting into it. Yup she got soaked.

Holly watering that little red bush we just moved to another spot. I wasnt even sure it was going to live when we planted it 5 years ago. Yup 5 years ago. Some little huh? :) Some sort of sandcherry I think but Im not sure.

The rhododendron that Scott and the kids gave me for Mother's Day. Gotta get another photo, it's blooming some now.