Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spontaneous Trip outta dis town Part 3

After leaving the hotel, no one was really hungry so we went to Chapters aka Book Heaven on Earth (you can tell we are from a small town) and killed lots of time there :)
We looked at books and mags for over an hour :)
Taylor went looking for a few of her Favorite series. She didnt really find anything she wanted so she opted to wait for a Harry Potter book, she's about to start #5 and wants us to buy it LOL.

Holly has been reading up a storm lately. She's reading whole books and even ones that are new to her (ie. Not memorized.) She wanted us to get her a chapter book but instead we opted for a level 4 (grades 2 and 3) almost chapter book on Soccer. She loved it! Im so glad to see her reading like she is, especially since in French Immersion they find their English reading to be a little behind for a couple of years.

Annika so badly wanted a book that would make noises and stuff, and it was really hard to convince her I would NOT listen to princess noises all the way back home. I think we got her a magazine in the end.


erica922 said...

wow love those trips to the library!!! love your girls!!

Nik Just Nik said...

I used to do the same thing (pre Indi) I would walk into big bookshops and spend hours there. Having a coffee and reading a book deciding if I want to buy it all not...