Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spontaneous Trip outta dis town

After a whole 4 straight days of rain, and a long weekend beginning rather grey, we had a wonderful, perfectly timed proposition.
I had heard a little rumour that Marjorie who is almost 8 hours away from us, was going to be in Moncton, only an hour and a half from us.
OH well geeez lets make sure to find them for supper or brunch or something!

Saturday morning I was really really lazy. This is my "down" time when I like to sleep alot. It will be followed by a crazy, non-sleeping, I can do it all phase. LOL
SO I was still in bed at about 10. Taylor comes running up and says "Marjorie is online but only for a minute."
I jumped up and ran to the computer, where she said they were leaving for MOncton and did we wanna meet them...
and then it came
we should go for the night.
We found out what hotel they were at, and we booked. Nice with Scott's travel, he had "points" towards a free room, and enough to get the room for the night !!! YAY!

So we set the Grammy straight and headed for NewGlasgow with Zoe in tow, left Dylan running around the house, and pack up the car! Off the Moncton we went! This was a really short drive considering what we are used to doing!

The kids settled in to read and to nap, so they could stay up late that night. Holly and Scott listened to the end of the Ottawa hockey game, which Ottawa WON, putting them into the Stanley Cup final YAY! :)

I read my mags that I am behind in, and I listened to my Ipod, Im getting quite fond of that little thing :)

We found our hotel
and checked in. Scott upgraded us to a theme suite like our friends LOL We had a Crayola themed room with bunk beds and a Kid TV. LOVE THAT! :)

Their bunks and play area were separated from ours with a part wall. Gets them outta our hair without any trouble.

And to our surprise, guess who was on the other side of the door in an Adjoining room?????

Hello Marjorie and Family!!!

Could not possibly have planned that better.

After settling in and having a drink or 2, the whole group of 10 headed off to Boston Pizza for supper. It was a little late and although the kids were really good, it was hard on the little ones and Holly didn t eat anything, she wasnt feeeling well. :( She thought she wanted to go to sleep, I think she had a little fever too.

Back at the rooms, Holly went to sleep and I took Annika and Taylor to the pool with Jeff and their girls. There was a kickin light show going on LOL which made swimming sorta cool but not so great for photos LOL. The pool was warm and salty and nice, I loved it. But I didnt go in lol. I just took photos. I dont like a wet bathing suit.

After swimming the kids went to sleep pretty quick, as did the adults.


Gaspegirl said...

Awesome recap Teri... we so have to do that again!!

Susan Blanton said...

That light show looks cool.