Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random thought #14

I know why I dont do the cooking. Its my absent mindedness. And I totally can burn something Im watching because I forget to turn it over. But tonight was why I dont cook. I was making pancakes. PANCAKES. That's like the easiest cop out of meals ever. Easy Peasy right?

Unless you go to grab the handle of the fry pan and miss...grabbing the fry pan instead and burning 3 fingers.

Yup. There are just some things that certain people shouldnt do.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Thought #13

Why Why Why?
Why on a crappy wet rainy day does my dog have to go to the yard and roll in some other animal's poop?

What on earth is the evolutionary sense in THAT?? SHEESH. Y'all are domesticated, dogs! There's no need to hide your scent with POO!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Thought #12

Any time other than 5 am on a Sunday morning would have been a good time to clean a hotel parking lots. ANY TIME.

Ok so not so much a random thought as a total complaint to top off our weekend in Glace Bay. Yeah we went to Glace Bay so I could play hockey. And the hotel stay SUCKED.

Zoey barked; they complained; had to take her with us everywhere. What a pain. She's a bad bad bad dog.

The room wasnt clean. IMO. Scott says it was fine but I didnt like it. Smelled.

Pool closed for maintenance for a freaking WEEK. Same with fitness room. So no relaxing pool/Saturday workout.

No Conditioner in the bathroom or the hotel in fact. Nothing but soap and shampoo.
Maybe Ive been spoiled by nice hotels.

Towels were not clean. I dumped them all in the bathtub.

And to top it off
5 am on Sunday morning a street sweeper type thing pulled up under our window and proceeded to spend an hour sweeping the parking lot. AN HOUR. Making noise as it swept and then making that terrible Beep Beep Beep back up noise. FOR AN HOUR. By the time it left we were kinda awake but tried very hard to sleep again. Likely managed another few groggy minutes of sleep before we had to get up and get ready for the drive home. Exhausted.

SO much for our relaxing weekend away. We likely slept less than we would have at home.

Not a random thought. A random RANT.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Thought #11

I wonder, it is normal, when you turn your head from side to side, to hear THAT MUCH CRACKING NOISE from your neck over and over and over ie it never goes away. How bizarre.

sounds like Im eating pop rocks in there.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say

Scott and Annika are blowing out eggs for dying; After breaking 2/3 I said Dont do any more, we can dye them whole!
Annika came in and said "Whatever a technique is, Daddy says he has it down now. And I think that must be a good thing. So can we do some more?"
heh heh

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Last Soccer Game - was a tie!

Our soccer season wasnt what I hoped it would be lol We did tie a few games, but we didnt actually win any. and that surprised me lol I thought we would be a better soccer team but I think some coaching would have helped. It was still a great fun season :)

End of year Hockey Party photos

Celebrating our victory at the Burger King tournament, we finished the year off with a cozy party. We relived the season and played a funny game (Catchphrase?) and everyone got their jerseys :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Marley and Me

I finally saw this movie today. And I was prepared; I was determined not to cry lol! But I SO remember feeling like that; and when those kids were reading their letters...Gads.

Unfortunately I cannot get Owen Wilson's voice outta my head. Why cast him in such a neat movie? Not my favorite actor.

Random Thought #10

Its really disappointing when blogs I used to go read daily because they are hilarious and so freaking real have become nothing but advertisements for their book deals and interviews with entertainment news, and book tour guides. One was actually saving all her funny stories for her book SO her blog wasnt funny anymore....

time to find something else to do with my time, yeah?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Random Thought #9

Dear Guy in the Big Black car with the Loud Lacking Mufflers
I am So very sorry that I almost dented your car today with my big ol ass. I didnt realise that I wasnt to be running across that part of a driveway because you would want to drive there and didnt have the time to wait for pedestrians. And that rude gesture you gave me as I darted out of your way was really sweet too...Thanks for letting me know how much of an inconvenience I was. I will watch for your car in the future and be sure to be just as sweet. Asshole.
Signed, Lucky to be Running again tomorrow.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Layout by a Dear friend

And an awesome new blog header to boot :)
Thanks Erica So much for making layouts for my kiddies! You scrap them more than I do these days! I love the photo effects on this layout!