Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random thought #14

I know why I dont do the cooking. Its my absent mindedness. And I totally can burn something Im watching because I forget to turn it over. But tonight was why I dont cook. I was making pancakes. PANCAKES. That's like the easiest cop out of meals ever. Easy Peasy right?

Unless you go to grab the handle of the fry pan and miss...grabbing the fry pan instead and burning 3 fingers.

Yup. There are just some things that certain people shouldnt do.


Ali P said...

Laughing with you...WITH you...
The other day I did a Moroccan style lamb stew in the oven. Used the mitts to take the pot out of the oven. used bare hands to try and lift the lid to stir and serve. See? Runs in the family.
Did I tell you about barbecuing chicken last year on R's bday? Had to go buy a rotisserie chicken, thats how bad I burned it. Nothing salvadgeable. I'm very thorough that way. Its a talent!

nscropper said...

LOL ... but ouch! i am useless in the kitchen.