Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday Night fun for all

Friday night Taylor had a sleepover at Gems. I went along and helped at the pool but I did not stay over at the church with them. Im surprised. I thought I would be more worried. BUt i was so tired and so sick of my sore eye, and had so much to do, I just went home. Cause we had PLANS for Saturday night!

We (Allison, Ann, and I) invited our downline's to a meeting at Allison's house :) we invited our Upline Yvonne to join us as well :) We all prepared Shoebox swaps, and brought them along. There were 7 of us.

So I got mine ready Saturday morning. Classic me.

Taylor and I joined Leanne and Lane for a trip out to see the pony Genie. Bad mommy, I forgot to take the camera, and I have no photos of Taylor riding Genie. The girls had so much fun! They are in for a busy summer :)

Home and packed up quick and Scott and the kids drove me out to Allison's house. I had awesome supper with them, and Scott took Katelyn home for a sleepover at our house!

Im not sure what they did, but they had loads of fun. I think they watched hockey and fell asleep. They were good :)
I wouldnt know. I wasnt there :)

We were too busy Stampin'. Ignore those colourful glasses on the table. They are for show only :):):) We did 7 ShoeBox Swaps before 2 am. When we went home. To bed and lovely sleep :):)

Workshop in Prince Edward Island

After we came home from PEI, we spent a night here, got the kids all off to school, and Scott and I went to PEI. He had to work there, and I had a workshop that night.
When he went to PEI for the show and I didnt, apparently he had gotten a really nice room for us, which he ended up staying in alone because I didnt want to go.
It really was nice :)

The bed was really big :) and in the corner there was a Jacuzzi :) I do like that although it weirds me out to be thinking strangers sitting their hairy butts in there, I keep in mind they clean them and I also rinsed it out and
So after a pretty pleasant Stampin' Class, I got to go back to the hotel where there were NO children screaming, no TOYS to pick up, no Lunches to make, no hair to braid, and no little teeth to brush. I had my bath, I slept all night, in a bed that was so big I wasnt even sure Scott was still there, and I woke up late. LOL we had to rush to get Scott's appointments done so we made it back to Truro in time to take on reality LOL.

Blog Topic Week 6

Ive missed a few of these but intend to do some catch up :)

This week, why don't we write about where we would like to be 10 years from now! What do you think your life will be like in the year *yikes* 2017.... What do you hope to have happen in that time?

By the time 2017 comes I should have one child in college and legally drinking OMG. I should have 2 girls in high school. I hope they all still live at home. Although that's not that realistic for the one who is going to be in college. I am hoping they are healthy, smart, and totally involved in every sport going. I hope we have no drug issues, no teen mommies, and they take it easy on the "expression of their characters" ie not tonnes of piercings, tattoos, green hair, etc.
I would like to see us in a nicer house, in a better place to live. Our area is ok but I see and hear too much of the industrial park and a few of my neighbors dont exactly fill me with security. And we need more space.
I hope to be working part - full time in a rewarding job.
I hope Scott is still working his job and that he still loves it.
I hope our parents stay healthy.

In dreamier thoughts, I would like to be mostly debt free, paying for college with the petty cash, and have a mini farm and a few horses and other animals.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Night at the Opera

Ok not quite but Nanny and Grampy did take the kids out to Neptune Theater to see Beauty and the Beast. The kids were so so excited and dressed up to go! they went out for supper first at the Keg, then off to see the Play. They came home really late and after their really long weekend, I am sure they are going to take weeks to catch up!
The Theater

Dinner at the Keg.

Annika didnt want to be left behind! LOL She dressed up in her nice fancy dress, and she and mommy went out for an ice cream. We met Daddy at Dairy Queen and had a nice treat.

Spring Cleaning Layout

For the contest at Treasures to Scrap with partner Nancy Jones :) this week we had to make a layout using Old kits and Old photos. So I used an older kit by Kelly Shultz and a last summer photo of Holly Swinging :):):)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Road Trip

I love road trips. I really really do!
I prefer them to take more than 3 days. But I still love them.

We head out on Friday morning, with the three kids, and no dogs.

So Here's a smattering of photos.

oK we left Friday morning, took the kids out of school, and went to Mirimichi almost without stopping.
It was a gorgeous warm, sunny, cheerful day. We hung out in the sun for awhile at the mall in Mirimichi.
Poor Taylor was not feeling well, she was living on Tylenol Cold and Cough Drops, plus lemon water.

WE hit campbellton and crossed the bridge. For such a lovely day we were shocked at the amount of snow and ICE in the water.

We found Marjorie's house without any trouble. We literally turned off the bridge, turned right, and drove for an hour and a half to her house :)
We got most aquainted with Hannah first. She came right out, showed us the barn, the sheep, and Much Prized Molly :):):)The girls loved getting a ride on her!

and what a sweet, patient pony she is!
Friday night we got somewhat aquainted. We stayed up nice and late.
Saturday morning Marjorie hosted a Stampin' Up party for her friends. The kids and Scott had fun outside on another gorgeous day, and they spent some time watching TV too "sigh"
Holly made great friends with Lucky the Lamb. He's an orphan lamb at the farm. He follows people all over the place! LOL

Including into the house :):):)

Annika and Skylar are almost the same age. They got along very very very well (at least until Annika got really tired and impossible.) Ashton tried to play along....

We were lucky to have some Crab for supper! They told me we would love it more than lobster. Well the Jury is out on that, but it was absolute heaven! LOL! The kids mostly liked it, Holly did not but she's been the picky one lately so I am not surprised at all!

Tonnes of fun cleaning the crabs for the kids didnt sit picking the bits out, I do have some issues with stuff like that LOL. Texture also grosses me out but that's another topic.

Aren't they pretty? Nicely appetizing?

Taylor and Hannah got along so well! They are close enough in age, Taylor had a little Hero worship going on, she thinks Hannah is awesome, and Hannah has loads of patience :):):)

And eating the crap took a long long long time :):):) Every single scrap was taken care of!
Saturday night we vistited more, the kids played, Marjorie and I played with stamp stuff, and we stayed up really late!

Sunday morning and time to leave! We got up super early, Holly was up and dressed in time to feed Lucky one last time. She cried when told we could not take him home in a diaper.

Annika and Skylar had a sweet goodbye. I hope they remember each other in the future.

Proof we were there at the same time... hahahahah!
isnt she cute and tall??
this is the awesome view Marjorie has when she walks out her front door. Can we say Jealous??

The kids crammed in the back. they were really comfy and behaved SHOCKINGLY well on the whole day long trip. Actually the whole weekend was incredibly good!

Scott and his Tim's.

We had a time limit for rushing home. Nanny and Grampy and the older girls had plans :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two more layouts for the contest

2 more from yesterday :) tossed together by me from Scraplifts from Nancy's gallery :)
Scraplifting DOES make it a little quicker but Nancy's pages are not simple OR quick.

Wild Water is a crazy layout based on Nancy's layout Ya Feel Lucky?
It's created with a kit by Cottage Arts called Peaches and PAisley.

Annika's hair trim is scrapbooked with a new kit and it was based on a layout by Nancy Here. It's big angle and lots of layers make it tonnes of fun to use and I love a dark background to boot!

Busy week

It's been a really busy week around here! With Easter over, the kids headed back to school :) We didnt have Aleah very much this week, so Annika and I had lots of time together :)

On Wednesday we all went for haircuts. :)
Annika was first. Before, she had her hair in a braid and it seemed SO long to me! She waffled on wanting shorter hair but she opted for a trim. Im glad LOL! Someone keeps long hair!

Annika had to stand on the chair to have her trim because her hair was very long :)

It's not a lot of change afterwards. But its alot more tidy and straight on the back :):)

Still very long :)

Holly had a big change! Her hair was wavy from the braids she had in night before. It looked a lot fuller than normal :)

Holly got a Bob cut although it's not as short as she wanted it. We might have to go have it done shorter. LOL

It's a style apparently she likes.

Taylor had a trim and there was very little difference. She sat under the dryer while I had mine done. There arent any good photos of mine.

On Thursday Annika and I met Beth, Jake, and Anna at the park. It was a little cold to stay there too long so we took the kids to Playgroup in Old barns, then had lunch with Nanny and the boys. We wasted a bit more time here before School was over.

These little Rule Breakers are flaunting the rules! No eating on the couch, and no DOGS on the couch! I think it's official; we've no control.

On Thursday the girls started Swimming lessons again :) Yay. They arent at the same time now, Annika goes at 405 (that's not right after school "sigh") and the other 3 go at 440. So we spend almost all of Thursday afternoon right til about 530 at the pool. Yay.
Someone in the classes before threw up in the small warm pool, so all of the lessons were in the big cold pool, including the littlest kids! Annika's class wore life jackets.

Annika is in Sea Turtle again. Until she gets to be 6 years old she stays in the preschool program.
I dont actually think she can advance very far into the older levels in the preschool program.

She got to take off from the rope for her first time! She didnt hang on very well but she loved it!

Holly is in Swim Kids 2, and she seems very comfortable there. She did everything her teacher asked her to do. Being in the big pool was a bit harder for them, but she could touch bottom at the low end and that made her feel a lot better.

Taylor is in Swim Kids 4, and she's really good at it :) they didnt seem to have much space but she and the 3 boys in her class did lots of things.

Their teacher has been there forever and he's really very good. :/

Holly's class did lots of jumping into the water. At this point in the pool the water is over their heads. They all survived it :)

Holly's teacher has been one of my stampin up "students" for a couple of years. I always wondered if she would teach one of my kids LOL

The kids are all really happy to be back in swimming lessons.

Friday morning we woke up to more snow and a day off school because of it. It didnt really end up being too bad but with the snow and freezing rain, they didnt send the kids to school.

All the GOOD snow photos are stuck on my other camera. Ive had another mishap with that camera, it seems someone crushed the end of the computer cord and I cant download the pics. "sigh"

Saturday I went to New Glasgow with some friends and we got some new scrapping toys! LOL Then I had a class at night. I think as soon as I left the house on Sat morning Scott left to take the kids to his mothers' house. "SIGH". Then as soon as I left Sat night he sent Holly off to a hockey game.
They were sleeping when I got home.
I spent WAYYY too long watching Mare Stare. Im thoroughly hooked. This is a horsey site where at the moment, people are posting WebCam's of their Mares who are due to foal. Ive been keeping track since a mare in Cape Breton was posted, but she's one of thousands so it's great fun to watch :)

There were 3 mares foaling last night, one who Ive been watching for well over a week. I saw all three within 5 minutes of each other (ok maybe not that close but it felt like it) and although it was neat, i could not believe how fast people were to interfere! OMG! Did Animals not have babies before humans came along to haul the little things out? ANyway around 2 am I wandered off to bed and got up too early this morning. LOL Scott's gone off to hockey now and I am supposed to bring up the rear and haul all the kids there because HE told them I would.
The last thing I want to do is sit in a cold rink.