Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Take 2

Woke up this morning SO early! I guess my days of sleeping in on these holidays is over :) I believe Taylor was up around 530 and sent back to bed. And the rest were all awake and cranky before 630. I dug in my heels and dragged out around 703 am. "sigh"
The first thing I heard clearly while laying in bed was "Mommy and Daddy are big Liars! There's no Easter Bunny. He's not real"! What a way to start the easter egg hunt.

So I got up, and went into the little girls' bedroom, and sat with them all. I didnt let them go right out and hunt for eggs. We talked about the Easter Bunny and how if you believe in him, he will come. And if you Don't believe, he will stop coming. the little ones bought into this but Taylor looked at me a few times with an evil look, and said "You're Liars". Yes I am a bad mother. I have perpetuated the whole Easter Bunny Myth. Next is Santa. They are all going away. Whatever.
If they dont want to be kids, they will end up losing this little part of childhood and growing up too fast "BOO HOO" :(

So then I took an inventory of the whole PHoto ops thing. The kids' jammies left a LOT to be desired. Old. Too sad. Annika had decked out in her helmet and her roller skates and was ready for action.

I decided they had to be dressed before the egg hunt would start. So off they went to dress properly.

Annika put on a cute outfit then back into her skates and helmet LOL I did have to remove those, she could not keep up with her sisters who were taking all the candies from the Easter Bunny Visit!

Holly was back into that Jersey so fast! LOL!

Then they made it past the hall and to the gifts left by Mommy and Dad and the stuff the bunny left them :):))

The kids each got a cute little stuffed easter toy :) Chicks and ducks were the order of the day :)

They also each got a hat. This new hat should do them through the summer :) They have wayyy too many hats but I love them to have a new one each year :)

They got a set for the summer that contains 5 summer games :) there's a net and poles for Volleyball and badminton. There was horseshoes, and a frisbee, and some other sort of racket game. Wish we could have set it up in the snow.!

And the egg hunt is on! They were really good about making sure everyone found some eggs! I was happy to see them being so considerate of each other!

The traditional Dividing of the Candy was done by Taylor this year :) we always pool it and divide it evenly. They dont even question it :):):)

Trying to get the kids to sit for one nice photo was a struggle too! :):):) Taylor and Holly looked so cute but Annika wasnt having any of it! lol

GOT them :)


Vicky said...

Great pics....boy Easter is a lot more extravagent then when I was a kid!!! Maybe I should relive parts of it again and come to your house,LOL. Are you getting spam comments on your entries I noticed you have deleted a few?

Scrappytbear said...

yup Easter is lots of fun here! Its getting smaller than it was but I do like the kids to have something for the summer at easter time :):):)
Spam Ya uh huh uh huh I dont know why people dont have something better to do? Sheesh!

erica922 said...

wow Teri, I feel so happy to know you, and your family, the girls are soooo GORGEOUS their faces are just like angels! God Bless them!!! tfs dear