Monday, April 30, 2007

Workshop in Prince Edward Island

After we came home from PEI, we spent a night here, got the kids all off to school, and Scott and I went to PEI. He had to work there, and I had a workshop that night.
When he went to PEI for the show and I didnt, apparently he had gotten a really nice room for us, which he ended up staying in alone because I didnt want to go.
It really was nice :)

The bed was really big :) and in the corner there was a Jacuzzi :) I do like that although it weirds me out to be thinking strangers sitting their hairy butts in there, I keep in mind they clean them and I also rinsed it out and
So after a pretty pleasant Stampin' Class, I got to go back to the hotel where there were NO children screaming, no TOYS to pick up, no Lunches to make, no hair to braid, and no little teeth to brush. I had my bath, I slept all night, in a bed that was so big I wasnt even sure Scott was still there, and I woke up late. LOL we had to rush to get Scott's appointments done so we made it back to Truro in time to take on reality LOL.

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