Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Saturday night Party

At Angela's house!!!! OH I love it when she plans something with us! She puts on the most wonderful classes!! LOL
I prepared some cards for the ladies to do but that's never all we do :):)

First we get there and get our drink in hand. I know exactly what the drink was because Angela gave us the recipe! It's a Rachel Ray's New Fav Drink, the Orange Jewel Martini YUM :):)
So with drink in hand we chat a little, looked at some Jewelry another lady had there for sale, and wait for all to arrive.

Then there is the "Opening Ceremonies". There's obviously no real opening Ceremony LOL but Angela's parties usually start with something that is Uplifting, Positive, thoughtful, and Inspiring. We all took turns reading a poem called Imagine a Woman. It is too too nice.

Then we did a little craft, with a vellum bag that Angela had prepared, we put ribbon and beads on to close the bag, then then we filled it with jelly beans, added some paper flowers to the top, and Tied it closed! TOO TOO cute, I love it!

We got a paint can each, with instuctions to freeze it with water, and then using a pattern, we are to punch through the can with a nail in the pattern. Then you paint the can black, put a candle inside, and Voila a lamp! LOL

We got some seeds for our can, and the reading, the recipes for the drink and a neat cheese ball/pear :) and a couple of neat Spring Recipes for a salad and a Strawberry Compote which Ive no idea what it is but it sounds YUMMMMY!

We made 2 cards in black and white for Birthday and something other, inspired by a card swap a friend was in :) they were awesome cards :):):)

But the real treat for me was spending an evening out with the girls :):) I havent really ever done enough of this, and I am so happy for this great group of ladies that get me out every once in awile to do something awesome and fun with THE GIRLS!!! :):):)

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