Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Playing with the Dogs

The dogs are almost as happy to be outside playing as the kids are! they might be more happy but they just cannot express it the same! Either way, it is nice to see them all out playing again!

Yesterday I was throwing the ball for the dogs. We have a Chuck-It which makes it much more fun for the dogs because the ball goes a really long way :) I apparently need 2 balls tho, because Dylan always beats Zoe to the ball. I bet he will attempt to get them both ;) MEN!!

Anyway Annika came out to play with us, and she wanted to thrown the ball for them. She cannot work it very well, and usually ends up slamming the ball about 5 feet in front of her! lol

So the dogs take off with the ball instead and have a nice little chase with it.
Annika tries to chase the dogs to get the ball, which makes the dogs ecstatic and doesnt thrill me because she's teaching them to take the ball and run away "sigh". So I convince her to run away from them and they will chase HER! LOL That works better but they still dont like to give Annika the ball. She tries to sneak in and steal it away from them.

Dogs are a little smarter than That LOL! They just pick up the ball and again she chases them. Never ending circle.

And they run and run and she chases and chases. There's lots of exercise getting gotten tho! LOL!

Annika gets the ball back...and there is triumph! She parades around with the dogs following, begging her to Throw it! PLEASE throw it! LOL Humans have prevailed in the land of Dog again.

She makes them suffer terribly! LOL She wont throw it again, because they will take it away. And she thinks it loads of fun for them to follow her around. Pied Piper anyone?

So in her quest to keep the ball, Annika taught little Zoe another bad habit (to join the dozen she has). She's learned to jump and snap at the ball. Mostly when it's in the chuck-It, but also when I had it in my hand. You can see in her eyes a single-mindedness, no matter what I am saying she's GOING to get that ball.

So Annika thought this was hilarious! She trotted around with the ball for at least 1/2 hour, letting Zoe leap and jump at it. Sometimes she got it out of the Chuck-It and ran off. Mostly Annika just let her follow.

She really gets some good height on those leaps! LOL!

Happy child, Tired dogs. It's about time!!!!!


Vicky said...

Geesh, when I was that little I am sure I would have screamed in a dog was able to jump up as high as I face!!! Looks like they all had fun tho.

erica922 said...

Thatt doggy makes me laugh lol lol
is cute! lol