Monday, April 09, 2007

More Snow :)

We've had 2 storms this year. I love snow storms, so you can imagine my sadness when each and every one since then has fizzled to a rain storm or turned in another direction and snowed on someone else. We have had the most rediculous snow-less year ever. I remember when we were kids, we would get up in the morning and take the Yard Stick (yes that deep) out to the patio and measure the snow that had fallen on the deck table. Yes that deep! It usually fell in nice soft fluffy flakes right down, rather than these icy little pellets that blow sideways in the wind. And that was fun! We would put on out snow clothes and venture out to WADE through it. YES that deep! LOL It was neat once I had the horses, to get on and go through the snow. The horse bounced over it easier and that was Great fun :):):)
Once I went to college in Truro it was much more obvious the inconvenience of snow. On the drive between Truro and the Valley there were really bad spots. The snow would be so deep, they had to bring in trucks and payloaders to get it off the roads and dig back the banks some. But I STILL loved to watch the snow fall, go out walking in it, and i never even minded being snowed in or shovelling it out of the way. I remember a HUGE April Fools day snowstorm in Charlottetown. My friend Andrea and I went out to her Step-Mother's or something, and the drive there was SO funny , she had this little pick up and we kept getting stuck (keep in mind this was downtown CH'Town so not ever reall dangerous) and I had to keep getting out to push the truck out...eventually I got tired of running back up to get in the truck so I hopped in the back, and drove through the rest of the storm laying on my back watching the snow in the streetlights. After we dried our clothes we went to a party and when we walked home afterwards the snow was drifted so high we had to CLIMB drifts and roll down the other side. When we were able to drive off the island 3 days later, it was amazing to see the snow, drifted up OVER people's houses so they had to tunnel out.
But in the winters lately it's not the same. The snowfall is less, the temperatures lend more rain and mud, and storms seem to go somewhere else. The last good winter I really remember was the winter Annika was born. There was a lot of snow that winter. at least there was a lot while he was away in Newfoundland. They got pounded, we got pounded, and I was alone here with 3 kids, one only 2 months old, keeping the frigid house warm with a fire, and shovelling the driveway so that we could get out if we needed to. Which we often did. We needed food after all.
Starting to sound like some silly remember how bad it was show!

So Back to our Easter Storm! This is storm 2 for this whole winter season. Storm 1 was in November. "sigh" People golfed on Christmas Eve this year. But Easter Sunday? We woke up to a continuing snowfall!

In the Predawn before any other people should have been awake, The kids were awake. I took some photos :)
Even church services were cancelled :(:(:(

After Easter was over (By about 8 am) and breakfast had been eaten, everyone was feeling a little bit cranky and getting Outside seemed like a good idea. It was still snowing and blowing really badly. So everyone bundled up and headed out. Including the dogs.

The snow was over a foot deep where it fell, and waist deep where it drifted. The kids tried the field but it was too deep there, so they came back into the yard and Scott started to build them a fort.

We always built forts when we were kids, I wonder why it took so long for our kids to think of making one :):):) Scott scooped snow into a part circle and they started to pack it in.

they built it higher until it was about waist hight, and then they hid in it. From the wind maybe? Cause there was no other fort and therefore no "enemy" to hide from lol!

The dogs had a great time. They ran around and around and around the fort like it was their own personal race track. They jumped right over the kids if they were in the way. The Snow was wayyy deep for them :)

After a while I got bored and wanted to go for a walk. Lets walk to Tim Hortons! Yeah! That sounds like fun! So we got some scarves and away we went, walking to Tim Hortons. LOL It's not that far, we have no where else to be :):):)
while at times the wind was at our backs, for an entire walk down Glenwood (The longest straight stretch) the wind was right in our faces. We got that far, and turned around. TOO hard to walk into driving snow, at least for little kids :)

So we walked back down around our block past the Cameron's where Scott could not resist tossing snow at their window. Might have been funny if they hadnt been downstairs playing and didnt notice :):):)

So we continued on home. We only had to go change into some dryer clothes, and piled into the car instead. Once I had decided we were getting coffee, well then, we were getting COFFEE! HELLO!

The drive was variable. When we got to Glenwood the roads were clear. Then at the end of "town" limit they were horrid. Clear. Horrid. LOL!
We got to Tim's and got our much needed fix.

The kids had hot chocolate and cookies and we sat for awhile and watched the traffic move really slowly on the highway :)

This was actually a lot of fun. We talked and snacked and laughed at cars and the kids really liked it :):):)

After coming home and having a nice little lunch the kids watched tv and playd outside and Scott and I watched a movie :) Then we had to get ready for Easter Dinner with Scott's family. what a change when we looked outside! LOL

The sun had come out and when the sun hit the snow, anywhere there had been blown clear was instantly grass again! Didnt do a lot for the places where there was a couple of feet of snow still, but after the storm cleared, that sun looked pretty amazing!

After Easter dinner, the 4 small people went out to play! Grampy had plowed up some really tall snow banks, and when we drove in, the kids eyes almost popped out of their heads! They wanted to Climb! So dressed in spring-like clothing, Holly, Annika, Linden, and Riley all went out to play on the snowbanks :)

They climbed for a really long time. We went out to make sure they were safe and not too cold, but the wind was too cold for me :):):) None of them were really dressed quite right :)):)

Annika in her little pants and silly cape must have been Freezing but she had no intention of coming in :)

Four cousins who love each other's company :)

Warming up in front of a nice warm fire :) They enjoyed some hot chocolate and blankets :):):)

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