Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Header

Thanks to Erica and her major fast scrapping Ive a new blog header for fall! THANKS ERICA! YOU continue to ROCK!

Friday, September 05, 2008

everyone started somewhere.....

and I started here:
I had so much fun with this layout! But even when I was doing it, I knew I was not likely to keep scrapbooking like this. I got some magazines and I put it away for awhile, and eventually found my groove! I still shudder at the idea of cutting around photos lol I am all about square and rectangles. lOL

A recent digital layout I did
and a recent paper layout, where I kinda am now!!!

thanks BOO for the challenge!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

School Starts Again!!

School started today! Yay! Not. I miss summer! I love summer! lol I never want to see summer end :(:(:(

But it has ended. And I have to accept the inevitable. Sadly, this is the first time I have had some tinge of relief when they were gone to school and I didnt have to spend the entire day dealing with their issues. I will miss them as much as ever but I could use a day off.
Little A is now OFFICIALLY in school. Apparently her year of PrePrimary didnt really count ;) but she is in Primary at the french school now!
Holly has gone into grade 2 and has a brand new teacher! I look forward to seeing how it works out. My kids have been lucky and liked their teachers so far.
Taylor is in Grade 5 and is one of the BIG KIDS in her school, which sends grade 6 students to the junior high. WAY too early if you ask me!

The crew all ready to go! Hard to get this many kids ready in one bathroom and no space in it.

But I think they clean up really well :)
Im only slightly biased. The momma cant have a real vote.
LIttle cutey fresh face!
Way excited 2nd grader!
She is laughing because both of her sisters are hiding behind her back!

So Annika catches the bus at the end of the road! I walked her down and we waited for a couple of minutes while she posed for me.
She was way more excited about this bus ride than anything else about the day including seeing her best friends again! :)

And there goes the bus, taking my baby away! OMG she's in school!
So I was way too shocked to take a photo of her getting on the bus My DUH moment that I will correct tomorrow :):)

So back at the house the older girls are waiting to go to school; We drive them. Holly was checking her list again to make sure she had everything :)
And Taylor was seeing what she had for lunch SIGH priorities ;)
Taylor was so not happy about her hair; I didnt do it right! LOL she fussed and fussed about her bangs and asked over and over if they would fall back into place!
Walking up to the school from the car;
And there Taylor is running away. Mom doesnt go to School on the first day of Grade 5! Denial!

Holly's spot for her shoes and coat and bag :)
And pointing to her Star on the door :)
Sitting at her desk waiting for something to happen :):)

I really hope the kids have a good year and that things go smoothly at both schools! The older kids are expecting a move to a new building with 3 other schools mid year and I dont know how the changes will work into our schedules :)
Annika kinda still wants to go to the same school and I can only hope she will love her class so much she forgets where she wanted to go hahahaha
Here's to 2008-2009!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

School Hair Cuts!!!

Its that time of year again, time for haircuts for girlies to go back to school!

Annika had a trim before SK so she didnt need one now but her sisters sure did!

Its been too long since the kids had trims and their hair spends a lot of time in pony tails so its a little rough. Taylor's hair is SO long and SO thick!

She had it trimemd to get dead ends off, and got some bangs!
She had some long layers and texture put in as well.
Its a very mature haircut!
Holly has never had hair this long! She begs all the time for it to be short again and I beg her to leave it long a little longer;

Unfortunately she persevered and I gave in. Shorter hair suits her.
She was Thrilled with her hair and it does make her blue eyes shine :)

I can only hope these haircuts are not too high maintenance as Im not really up to doing more to their hair yet! Not until they can do it themselves!