Saturday, June 30, 2007

School is over! YAHOOOO!

Or at least I think yahoo! LOL The kids have been a little out of sorts this week, a little challenging to be sure. They cant change gears, change paces too quickly, I think it's going to take a little while to slow down so we can have some fun!

So yesterday was the last day of school here. :) They were very excited to get their report cards, and actually seemed concerned they might not pass. They are brilliant girls, of COURSE they passed lol!

Outside the school, almost ready to go in :)

Again. Outside the school.

Holly in class waiting for her popsicle. :) They played games and gave out gifts and exchanged phone numbers :)

Annika had a lot of fun hanging out in Holly's class for the hour. We also visited Taylor's class. there was way less going on there lol.

Katelyn and her turtle "also Shelley" lol.

Taylor and her other teacher. She had 2 teachers job share this year. I think it went really well. From the "home" viewpoint.

Taylor's End of Year gift. She loves to read and is very hooked on the Harry Potter books. She prefers these and Secrets of Droon and Fairy books over most others. She also this spring got a new ball glove and some baseballs.

Holly's gift was 3 Magic Treehouse books. We wanted to start her on a series of her own, but since I will be reading them to her, the others can enjoy them too! She can read them on her own but it's not easy and she will get more out of it if I read them to her. She earlier got a Toronto Maple Leafs backpack. The child is addicted to everything hockey...unless you count soccer.

And Annika moved from the 3 year old program to the 4 year old Pre Primary program at her school, and she celebrated with a new Webkinz, a koala she thinks she should call Grey Grey.

Bring on Summer!

Teacher Gift

A gift that I made for Holly's teacher this year, a little mini album made out of coloured file cards and dividers! It was so cute!
I spent most of the class trip running around taking photos of almost all of the kids in Holly's class. I was only missing one! :)
Then I made them all 3X2, and had them printed, cut them up.

I inked the file cards and patterned School paper for on them, put holes in the ends, and made the album. I added the photos, hearts or stars embellishments, and the name of each child in the class. Then I added ribbon on the cover and the ends of each page. There were 14 File Cards and 30 pages total!
Here is Holly's page. THe rest were similar with different children!

On the last 2 pages I put a photo of Holly with her teacher, with a Holly-Handwritten strip that said "I Love You Mme Gale"; and the other side was a class photo taken at the park.

The teacher loved this idea and she was very happy to receive it!

Friday, June 29, 2007

PI Class Trip

The kids had a class trip to the park on their last full day of school this week. They hiked to the falls, and then back to the playground to eat, then they played in the sprinklers for a couple of hours til it was time to walk back to the school. I took loads of photos lol but dont wanna post all of them so I will only post a few ;)

Hiking to the waterfalls. I hung around the back to avoid Holly (so she would play with her friends instead of me ;))

Still Hiking :)

The Falls. They have a name of some sort lOl. It was realllly nice down there! We wanted to swim!

The class photo :) they were so gooood!

Holly B being very cute!

Holly in the sprinklers. She was trying to stop the water with her feet.

The water won.

Cold Holly. Apparently the water wasnt warm. Go figure. I wonder why they were in the water if not to cool off...

Holly and Annika playing nicely together.

Annika in the sprinklers. she finally decided to go in 5 minutes before we left.

Holly and her teacher.

Taylor and one of her Teachers.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Random Facts about Me

1)Name one person who made you smile today? Scott

2)What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? sleeping

3)What were you doing 30 minutes ago? driving

4)What is something that happened to you in 1998? Had baby #1
5)What is the last thing you said aloud? Taylor please turn that tv down!

6)How many different things have you drank today? Coffee and white milk

7)What color is your hair brush? Black

8)What was the last thing you bought? A bunch of different scrap stuff at a LSS going out of business

9)What was the last gift you received? Scott bought me golf clubs on Tuesday.

10)What color is your front door? off white primer

11)Where do you keep cell phone?in my purse, in the car, on the floor...

12)What was the weather like today? muggy Thinking about thundering and lightning!

13)What is the best ice cream flavor? Death by Chocolate

14)What are you excited about? Currently Golf.

15)Do you talk a lot? Not really.

16)Name a weird food you like? Snails.

17)Cold or hot? Im always cold. I really like it hot.

18)What's your favorite thing to do? Scrapbook, hiking, sleeping, biking, playing sports with the kids.

19)Do you want to cut your hair? yes It's about time.

20: Are you over the age of 25? Yes

21)Are you ticklish? not very.

22)Are you typically a jealous person? Yeah I think so. NOt so much jealous as Envious.

23)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "L" : Leanne
24)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A": Ann and Allison

25)Do you chew on your straws? no ew

26)Do you have curly hair? NO

27)What is the next concert you're going to? Wanted to go to Canada Day concert to see Nickelback et al but he didnt buy the tickets. SO likely the concert in Victoria Park on Canada Day which is NOT very good.

28)Who is the crappiest person in your life? Currently no one in particular and if there was I wouldnt say so anyway.

29)What is your favorite color? green and blue

30)What is something you say a lot? Stop doing that before I have to come in there!

31)What's your room like? Messy unmatched uncared for.

32)What was the last movie you saw? Oceans 12

33)Do you have work tomorrow? I work every day.

34)What's your dream job? paid scrapbooker. Paid sleeper. Paid walker. lol paid breather.

35)When was the last time you said "I love you"? Little while ago Annika and I exchanged Niceys :)

36)What should you be doing right now?Make cards or a mini album or maybe omh paying some attention to my kids or going home and letting Nanny have some rest. Still here tho.

37)Do you have a nickname? T
38)Are you a heavy sleeper? No

39)When is the last time you did the dishes, honestly? Tuesday morning.

40)What are your pet peeves? People who smoke and toss their cigarette butts on the ground whereever they happen to be standing, as tho the world were an ash tray. Ever have to take a cigarette butt outta a little baby's mouth in a park? Gross.
Bad drivers.
Stupidity. Cant take it.
People who have opinions where they have no business having opinions. THey are usually stupid opinions anyway.
People who dont seem to know what a 4 way stop intersection is all about. People who dont understand RIGHT OF WAY while Im at it.
People who have double standards and dont even seem to know it.

PS Im not tagging anyone.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We had a storm here on Friday lol it was a good one too! The older kids were at school, Scott was Golfing (finished before the storm). Apparently there was mass hysteria at the school.

Annika and I climbed the hill behind the house to watch the storm, the light show was awesome but the rain chased us back to the deck and it's likely just as well since some fellow in Glenholme was hit by lightening in a pool lOl.

After the storm the kids ran around the field and played in the mud for awhile. It came out pretty nice. They bathed while Katelyn's mommy and I drank fruity drinks until we were silly and went for a walk lol.

Saturday was a really busy day, in the morning I joined some friends for scrapbooking and put together supplies for the evening while Scott took the kids to Halifax. Then we took the kids to the library and were home around 2 to meet the little Larkins.
They played and swam in the pool and ran and got along really well!

Zoe is a great soccer dog! She used this old waterlogged ball and had a great time playing with the kids.

She pushes the ball around with her head and growls at it.

Eventually she would pick it up and carry it but it is as big as she is!

She's also an awesome goalie.


photos taken lately lol Scott built a nice wooden trellis for my Clematis to climb, and I took a few other flower photos while I was at it.:)
The house with the new Trellis hung, only needed to be hung two times and I wont mention it's still slightly off center because I like it a lot!

Close up. The Clematis is blooming now.

The bridal Wreath bush

An Iris

Layout For TTS Challenge

A new layout i did, that I might reconstruct a little shortly :) I hid the journaling but I might make it more visible. I thought it took away from the design but now I dont like it hidden. ANYWAY :)
Using new stamping up stamps and paper, this layout is about my Next Step.

"Wasting my Education? I dont Think so. When I decided to stay home with the kids while they were little, it was never meant to be forever. It was a choice; an investment for their furtures. Now they are older. It is a good time for MY next step. I['m going back to NSAC. This time I will be teaching. It's like going home and I always saw myself going back. I'm excited to go but I do not regret any of my time at home.

Father's Day

just isnt ever going to be my favorite day of the year. It just isnt. It's just a wonderful reminder that my father isnt here anymore and I dont want to celebrate it anymore. Poor Scott.
Well he decided he was going to go Umpiring on Father's Day anyway. I kinda didnt want him to, thought he shouldnt, but once he decided to go and we had nothing to do anyway, we got a message from Grammy that she was going to New Glasgow, and we told her to just come right along and pick us up.

She came a little after noon and we headed off to New Glasgow. We stopped at Walmart over there and got some lunch and some flowers, and then went to visit Nanny and Grampy Sloan.
After we spent some time there, we went to the cemetary to see my father's grave. Nanny and Grampy Perkins were there, doing some gardening. Yes there's a garden on and around my father's grave. Apparently it's not that uncommon here. ok. lol
So we tidied the flowers and they planted some little dahlias, which were his favorite flower. We watered them and then we went back to the Perkins' house for a visit. We had a snack and then headed back home where Scott had made us supper and ate by himself in a little temper lol. I try to remind him that HE chose to go umpiring on Father's Day.

It was a long day. Here are some photos from the day.