Saturday, June 30, 2007

Teacher Gift

A gift that I made for Holly's teacher this year, a little mini album made out of coloured file cards and dividers! It was so cute!
I spent most of the class trip running around taking photos of almost all of the kids in Holly's class. I was only missing one! :)
Then I made them all 3X2, and had them printed, cut them up.

I inked the file cards and patterned School paper for on them, put holes in the ends, and made the album. I added the photos, hearts or stars embellishments, and the name of each child in the class. Then I added ribbon on the cover and the ends of each page. There were 14 File Cards and 30 pages total!
Here is Holly's page. THe rest were similar with different children!

On the last 2 pages I put a photo of Holly with her teacher, with a Holly-Handwritten strip that said "I Love You Mme Gale"; and the other side was a class photo taken at the park.

The teacher loved this idea and she was very happy to receive it!


The Lange's said...

WOW !!! what a great job you did Teri-Lynn glad it all worked out in the end getting all the pictures.


Susan Blanton said...

What a great gift.