Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TTS Blog Challenge Nancy Jones

Nancy's Blog Challenge for today makes me happy. Everyone should start off their day like this!
12 Reasons I have to be happy today!

1: My 3 kids are all pretty happy/healthy/normal. For now.
2: DH is home and not travelling today. Working in town is gooood.
3: The weather is warming up nicely. Not so Cold all the time now.
4: Only 10 more school days and they will be home for the summer. This is a GOOD thing. I love them being here. Now mid summer I will be all about sending the whole bunch of them away, but right now, I want them home for the summer!
5: My plants are finally growing. I have flowers!
6: My Scrappin' Mojo is happening! I am really wanting to scrap!
7: Soccer starts tonight. Im nervous and kinda tired already of it...I will be coaching so no breaks...but Holly is so happy about it, so I am happy about it.
8: No one in my family is sick right now as far as I know. No one tells me anything.
9: We're getting a new roof. Yesterday. no it rained. Today. No it's raining. Tomorrow. lol whatever.
10: I managed to make my schedule fit the time I have in a day. Relieved my stress TOTALLY.
11: I have good friends. In Real Life and In Cyber life. I have lots of good friends.
12: I love what I am doing right now.

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Dawn said...

wonderful happiness list! so many great things happening in your life. I love my kid being home too.

Thank you fro sharing with us