Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have had a rough day. It hasnt been a bad day, it just hasnt been MY day at all. Now I realise that they cant ALLLLL be my day. But some days just seem to be less mine than others. And once I am working I bet I wont be able to call ANY day mine. "sigh"

So it started with Annika. In my bed. In the dark. I woke up with my face in Scott's arm pit. That's just so NOT a place anyone's face should ever be, EVER. Sigh. SO I covered him with my pillow (suffocation anyone?) and tried to go back to sleep. I have a pain in my back and a crick in my neck. Annika is a snuggler which means she sleeps as close to me as she possibly can. Velcro child.

So Scott got up early and I heard him in the kitchen so I got up. And we had slept too late. He apparently didnt realise that I had a meeting and the kids all had school. Might need an alarm clock one of these days.

Showered, dressed, kids dressed, brushed and flossed, and we are all out the door. The rooooofing guys are coming. Yay. nice new roof. Ours isnt that old but it's curling.
Took Annika to school and got caught behind a very very long train. had to wait like 10 minutes for it to go away.
I had my meeting and it went fine. got lots more to do and I have OMG deadlines. Yes deadlines. I work best with deadlines.

Got home and had lunch while waiting for Aleah to come. Those roof fellas are some noisey ;) (they are still up there btw...still noisey!)

Aleah and I went to the concert at School. It was the Schools' 50th birthday so there was cake and punch and each kid got a Slinky. Hmmm ok ya the slinky is 50 years old now the school got a crest put onto each slinky that says the school and 1957 and each child got one. It's kinda an interesting way.

We came home without Taylor who went to her friends's house, and we brought home Myles. Then Katelyn came. And it wasnt our Katelyn. It was this kid who just walked into our house. I let her play with Holly but made them go outside. Sheesh. Then when our Katelyn did come, the 3 of them played Leapster. But now I have a headache and everything loud seems...louder. WAY. Im not feeling so well either.
Now they are all gone and Scott is making supper and we need to take Annika to her first Soccer practice. ever. It's gonna be CUTE!! hahahaha!
What I really wanna do is go lay down and sleep. I also need to read a book on Equine Nutrition but I dont see it happening! LOL When I read I fall asleep.

SO. This was not a day for me. It was running running running. Im so glad it's over.
Here's a Challenge for you! I would love to know....what would your PERFECT day look like?? And Im not talking Dream days where we can go wherever and have whatever we want. I mean, what is the perfect NORMAL day for you? What would you do? What would you not do if it were really perfect?? What's your YOU day??

PLEASE link back so I get to see what you blogged as your perfect day and we will see who actually gets a perfect day soon!


erica922 said...

sad to read about your day! but love the challenge

NancyJones said...

roflsorry to laugh... but errr I soooooo know what you mean girly. Been there. GOnnna go think about this and do my blog post and I will link you :) sorry I spit my tea when i saw the armpit OMG that ws funny cuz I SOOOO been there and bella sleeps like that too. I wake up with a foot in my ear or her head under my leg she is just attached to us. its crazy. TOMORROW Is another day chicky hehe

Robin said...

great challenge....Sorry about your day! Just remember, things can't get worse!

Julie said...

Hope tomorrow is a better day!!! Had those days...where you think you shoulda just stayed in bed. *L* And when you are running late for something..that's when you get behind someone sloowwwwwww or hit every stinking red light on the way!
Good challenge!!! Will get this done!

Megan said...

OH I have lots of those kinda days like you had today! Sorry to hear about it! Thanks so much for the challenge!