Sunday, June 03, 2007

Apple Blossom in the Valley

Yesterday we went to the Apple Blossom Festival in Kentville. Just Taylor and I went with our friend Shelley, meeting Mom there and spending the day with her.

We left early (think 8 am, that's not a nice time.) and we drove down to New Minas. We went to a Scrapbook store there that is closing out :(:( and bought some fun new supplies. :):):)
Then we went to Mom's for lunch.
After lunch we headed to Kentville for the parade. It was a long wait for it to come LOL!
While waiting, Grammy took Taylor over to have her face painted.

The parade was huge with a great big crowd. It was about 2 hours long maybe a little less, with a wait at the start. We all left sunburnt LOL!

After the parade we went to the craft fair in berwick, then back to Mom's for supper. We ate tonnes and then had a little Stampin' class. Mom loves to plan these things but then people dont seem to think she must put any work into them cause they dont come and they dont call. We had fun anyway with the four of us, Brenda coming dead tired but still there! LOL!

Somewhere around 1036pm (haha) we pulled out of the Valley and headed home. It was a quick drive, with good conversation.

My Shelley (as opposed to Annika's Shelley) is great company and I am so glad she spent the day with us in the Valley! Thanks SHelley! :):)):):)

PS will add more photos later from other people when i get their permission to use them!


Gaspegirl said...

How cute is Taylor's face painted!! Love it!

Vicky said...

Oh that's too bad...tho your mom seemed to know everyone wasn't coming on Saturday morning when I was talking to her. She had mentioned it to me a couple of times in passing, but knowing it was a "10" group I guess it never really registered. Everyone's been so busy we'vebarely talked about at all the last month practially. AT least you had fun, and got to enjoy some of apple blossom!

erica922 said...

wow, love love that blue face, you are such an awsome artist