Monday, June 18, 2007

Swimming Lessons come to an end

for this session! And not a moment too soon! Soccer started last week and getting out of Swimming at 530 and needing to be at soccer by 6 was reallllly hard! lol

So Annika had her lessons first. She is in level "Sea Turtle" and she's so happy and comfortable in it! It's nice to see her loving the water!

At the end she was awarded her little sticker and will advance on to Salamander next session!

Holly got to finally go down the slide! She was very happy about that!

Despite doing extremely well, and being totally at home in the water, Holly did not get her Level 2 Swim Kids. She certainly will next time tho! They didnt really seem to make a lot of progress in the last half of the session, Im not sure why.

Taylor didnt expect to do well, but in fact she was one single skill away from getting her Level 4 Swim kids. Now, if I were her instructor I would have made sure that she got that one single little skill finished before the end of the session. Im not in a hurry for them to go through the levels, but I cant help wondering why they never get the level first time through. I wonder if they are holding them back in order to keep them coming but it's discouraging. And now Taylor has to repeat the level again for one small skill. Imagine how GOOD she is going to be at it when she's gone through it alll again. *sigh* good thing they love it because the tears when they didnt get the levels didnt exactly have them dying to get back into the water.

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Nik Just Nik said...

What a bummer that they have to end.. Indi's run all year around... through the school holidays and all..