Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We had a storm here on Friday lol it was a good one too! The older kids were at school, Scott was Golfing (finished before the storm). Apparently there was mass hysteria at the school.

Annika and I climbed the hill behind the house to watch the storm, the light show was awesome but the rain chased us back to the deck and it's likely just as well since some fellow in Glenholme was hit by lightening in a pool lOl.

After the storm the kids ran around the field and played in the mud for awhile. It came out pretty nice. They bathed while Katelyn's mommy and I drank fruity drinks until we were silly and went for a walk lol.

Saturday was a really busy day, in the morning I joined some friends for scrapbooking and put together supplies for the evening while Scott took the kids to Halifax. Then we took the kids to the library and were home around 2 to meet the little Larkins.
They played and swam in the pool and ran and got along really well!

Zoe is a great soccer dog! She used this old waterlogged ball and had a great time playing with the kids.

She pushes the ball around with her head and growls at it.

Eventually she would pick it up and carry it but it is as big as she is!

She's also an awesome goalie.


Susan Blanton said...

Love that picture of Zoe jumping for the ball. To cute.

AliP said...

Dig those crazy clouds, man! I get shiveries just looking at them. This family is very into storm watching.

Boo said...

Cool cloud storms from far. The storms are getting nastier as the years go by. Lots of very dark skies. Smart thinking to get back into the house.

Love the photos of the kids running with muddy bums. Too cute!

Love your trellis. Can't wait to see more photos of your clematis (sp?).