Saturday, June 30, 2007

School is over! YAHOOOO!

Or at least I think yahoo! LOL The kids have been a little out of sorts this week, a little challenging to be sure. They cant change gears, change paces too quickly, I think it's going to take a little while to slow down so we can have some fun!

So yesterday was the last day of school here. :) They were very excited to get their report cards, and actually seemed concerned they might not pass. They are brilliant girls, of COURSE they passed lol!

Outside the school, almost ready to go in :)

Again. Outside the school.

Holly in class waiting for her popsicle. :) They played games and gave out gifts and exchanged phone numbers :)

Annika had a lot of fun hanging out in Holly's class for the hour. We also visited Taylor's class. there was way less going on there lol.

Katelyn and her turtle "also Shelley" lol.

Taylor and her other teacher. She had 2 teachers job share this year. I think it went really well. From the "home" viewpoint.

Taylor's End of Year gift. She loves to read and is very hooked on the Harry Potter books. She prefers these and Secrets of Droon and Fairy books over most others. She also this spring got a new ball glove and some baseballs.

Holly's gift was 3 Magic Treehouse books. We wanted to start her on a series of her own, but since I will be reading them to her, the others can enjoy them too! She can read them on her own but it's not easy and she will get more out of it if I read them to her. She earlier got a Toronto Maple Leafs backpack. The child is addicted to everything hockey...unless you count soccer.

And Annika moved from the 3 year old program to the 4 year old Pre Primary program at her school, and she celebrated with a new Webkinz, a koala she thinks she should call Grey Grey.

Bring on Summer!

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