Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Travelling Sock: Hawaii

Sock Began life on a squishy Air canada flight from Montreal to LA, when the creator had no functioning entertainment, was very cramped, couldn't sleep, couldn't watch a movie, listen to music...nothing, so Sock was cast on.

Sock enjoyed the view f4rom LAX. It was a little overwhelmed by the noise.

Sock got to see the medicine garden at the Ritz carlton in Kapalua Maui.
thats where Sock and the creator had coffee and a muffin.

on the beach outside mama's Fish House. It loved the sand. It did not enjoy sun screen.

Sock inside Mama's Fish House
it enjoyed the meal. It had Ahi Poke which was soooooo gooood. the Ahi Poke is raw ahi tuna cubes marinated in something VERY delicious and with maui Onions and tint halved tomatoes
tiny that was then Mahi Mahi with a macadamia nut crust stuffed with other seafood everywhere!!!
y'know Clint Eastwood has eaten there, as has Frank Sinatra...Owen wilson...Jimmy Buffett.......Sock.......
among others
wicked cool place

Sock loved to view the Palm trees, which were all over the frikkin' place.

Sock with a Tiki!

aaaaaand sock made friends with some other travellers. total strangers from the Midwest. They loved sock as sock is friendly and cheerful.

Sock should be coming to a permanent home in NS this summer with it's partner in tow. They plan to make a home and see the sights. Stay tuned for the travelling Sock saga.


Boo said...

That is so funny!!!!!!

Scrappytbear said...

Awesome sock huh??

Wolf said...

Great sock...can't wait to see more of it's journey.

Susan Blanton said...

This is so funny, You cracked me up. Sock has the life man, traveling all over.