Thursday, June 14, 2007

End of Year School Concert

Was yesterday at the kid's school! It was cute but not very well advertised! I was so surprised to go in and see so few people! !

Aleah and I went together. Annika was with Nanny, who would have liked to have seen the concert, but I didnt really think of it since they sent the announcement home inviting people to a Volunteer Appreciation and School Birthday Celebration and it was only later I realised it was kinda the Spring Concert. LOL

Aleah wasnt so sure that she wanted to be there. She didnt want to sit on her own chair or take off her coat or anything. I think she's got molars coming in, she's chewing her fingers a lot!
the principle did some talking and introduced some of the old Principles from past years. The School is 50 Years old this year!

Holly's class did a Super Good job of their song "J'ai Perdu le "doh" de ma Clarinette". they are good singers and the song was cute!

All of the Grade 3 students (French and English) did a song together called "Donner le Bonjour". Taylor picked her clothes in the morning and I wasnt thinking when I let her go in this outfit LOL but Oh my goodness she stands out in a crowd!

Then the choir did their song "Tell Me Ma" with their voilin player and Highland dancers!

Aleah was warmed up by this time and was doing some dancing in the aisles.

The whole school got up and sang their Volunteer song which was silly and cute and they did such a good job!

After the singing, the PTG gave all the students a Slinky (which is also 50 years old) with a crest on them, stating Douglas Street Elementary School Expanding Minds since 1957 on it. Interesting choice but better than a Tshirt I suppose hahahahhahah!

Then cake, punch, and rushing off to find kids and go home!

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Nik Just Nik said...

It looks like everyone had fun.. shame about all the empty seats though..