Sunday, June 10, 2007

ScrappyTbear has left the Building!

yup. I packed up my scrap stuff. WaYYYY too much of it BTW. And I took it all out of the house, to someone else's house. And I attempted to do some scrapbooking! LOL

I didnt get a really quick start Saturday morning, I am kinda slow and not terribly good at packing. I did pack everything I could carry, and we headed over to Shelley's house! And I got there before noon! That is a huge accomplishment for me, I am not a morning person and my Coffee was broken.

There they were, Shelley and the Tracy's! I joined their merry little group and spread myself out over like 4 spaces HAHAH!

Soon after more people arrived and I with great hesitation gave up a little space. Lori, Lisa, and Megan completed the group of 7 (not 6 people, 7.)
The Tracy's.

Lori and Lisa Unsettled.

Food to keep us going.

My New Best Friend, the Cricut.

Our hostess with the mostest!

We scrapped for a few hours, and I got some pages started, finished, and considered! I used some pages I started at classes a WHILE ago, and finished a few. I Started a new one.

Shelley has a challenge for us. She Has a wall (ok a few) in her scrap space that needed some decoration, so she got some letters, and she altered the letters and hung them on the wall.

Then she had us (her friends ;)) scrapbook a page about ourselves so she can frame them and hang them on the walls. :) So we all picked a pizza box full of scrap things and by the end of the crop we had to scrap our page! Our finished pages were spectacular!!

It was a lovely day so after a few hours we piled into the car and went for an ice cream. :) We ate out in the fresh air and sunshine beside a family of hungry hungry caterpillars who were also eating.
Much discomfort over this.

My Banana split was made with Death By chocolate and Mint chocolate Chip ice cream, hot fudge, strawberry, and Pineapple toppings, and whipped cream :)

Then it was back to work. We had scrapping to do! DId some more pages and stuff. At some point someone suggest supper so we ordered pizza. :) That would go perfectly with our Marquaritas and Cosmopolitans. No one spilled on the table.
We ate and finished just in time for the Sexy Girl to get there. LOL we had planned a pole Dancing class, but she cancelled and through a friend we last minute hooked the Sexy girl to do a little party for us. I never heard of Sexy Girl before but think Fantasia. Stop blushing, it was Great fun I laughed so hard I thought I might throw up. LOL! The Sexy Girl was very nice and didnt entertain with personal stories (OMG) and it was all in fun!lol! There was absolutely NOTHING to be embarassed about! NOthing at allllllll!

Then we scrapped some more. And more and more and more.

And when everyone was appropriately tired we went up to watch a movie. Catch and Release was a good movie. Cute. Glad it wasnt in the theater when i went, but it was good.

SOOOO tired by this point so we went to bed and some of us got the giggles and others just listened. OMG it reminded me of sleepovers of olden time...

In the morning we were up pretty early. Considering what time we went to sleep anyway :) The dogs didnt think it was so early.

We were scrapping before breakfast! Everyone had something they wanted to finish before leaving for the day.

After a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausage, and coffee, the party broke up and we all went about our busy Sundays.

I finished 5 pages "FIVE" is a record for me! YAY!
Good Times! Thanks Shelley and everyone for the awesome times!


erica922 said...

wow! Teri that looks like you had so much fun in "your element"
and 5 pages !!! wohoosa!!! i would love to see them individually, let me know when you're gonna post them here ok?
and miss ya

Susan Blanton said...

Wow she is a nice open area for you all to scrap in. Very cool. Loved seeing all of the photos. To funny about the sexy girl, I'm sure that was a hoot.