Thursday, June 14, 2007

Annika's Soccer Season starts

Annika started her soccer season last night. She's on the Netherlands team (they name their teams by country) and she's very enthusiastic about playing! I hope she's also very aggressive or some of those crazy kids are gonna run her over!
She met her coach and had a good warm up, did some cute drills, and ended the night very happy :)

Annika warmed up kicking the ball to me and then into the nets. She's actually going to be quite good! She kicked the ball right to me and stopped it really well too!!

The first huddle, meeting the coach, talking about the game. :)

Working on drills. There was a lot of waiting and huddling, I sure hope that she finds the game interesting!

A photo of Holly at the game. Cute!


Nik Just Nik said...

I cant believe she is big enough for soccer now. She looks like she was having a blast...

Vicky said...

That's too funny with her hands on her hip....such personality.