Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Father's Day came early here

Because the old BBQ was dying, and because that was ALLLLL Scott has been able to talk about for 3 months now, we got a new BBQ on Sunday for Father's day.
Of course it isnt the one I would have picked out. Noooooo...it was far more expensive than the one I would have picked at Walmart that would have done us a few years and then been good to go again for another. No he had to have the Broil King since the guy at the store made it sound SOOO much better. It's warrentied up the ying yang (a bbq with warrenty? Hmm) so this thing had better last until our Grandkids can use it!

He went and got it cement blocks so it would not have to sit on the ground. I think he even covered it when it rained. Our pooor old BBQ never had such treatment.

the first meal?? I wanted one of those funky chicken rack things and ta da there is our first Beer Chicken. Extremely good, that is! LOL


erica922 said...

looks yummy
im going over to eat it!!! lol lol

Love the BBQ

grover said...

lickin' my chops..that is one GOOD looking chicken!

Susan Blanton said...

To cute, The Broil King. That is just what my hubby would of wanted to. I can see Scott now, in his best Al Bundy Voice, "Let's Grill!"
That birds does looks delicious.

Liz said...

And what a proud loooking chicken it is, LOL! Nice grill!