Friday, June 01, 2007

Notepad Project

A neat project I did with a group this week was a notepad cover. The notepad was a plain Staples notepad with no cover. We made a cover, wheeled it, attached, and then decorated it.

A SU article suggested using craft inks to make a Suede or Leather look. Depending on the ink application, the look was smooth (leather) or Rough (suede).
Using Chipboard, a dark colour of craft ink was added. I used a sponge.
Not covering completely but leaving some "texture", this look was pretty cool on it's own.

Waiting for it to dry was long :)
Then a second, lighter colour was added again with a sponge.
Again the entire thing was not covered but some of the under colour was allowed and encouraged to show through.

A Third "accent" colour was then added (a yellowy colour here) to Finish off the Suede look.
Now the whole piece is covered although not evenly. Rough texture was nice.

Stamping on the dry end product was the last step (not required.)

Then the piece can be added to a project such as the embellished cover of this notepad.


Susan Blanton said...

Great project, thanks for sharing.

erica922 said...

fabulous, I want one for me lol lol