Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baseball this week!

Taylor had 2 baseball games this week. She played Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

Tuesday night was Chilly. The day was nice so we werent really dressed great for the temperature drop, and once the sun went behind clouds it chilled quickly.

Taylor on Third Base, running for home. Her first time at bat she got on base.

And she scored her first run! SHe got two that game.

Playing...welll i think it was second base. :) She likes second base.

Fielding a grounder.

Holly, Annika, and their friend played on the hill behind the field.

Do you like Butter? The buttercup game (although I think it was a dandelion lol)


A little On Deck conference.

And batting.

They lost the game 10-11.

Wednesday night the weather was much nicer. It was warm and sunny and the game was at the park.

Playing 3rd base.

Taylor enjoyed playing 3rd base. There was some action there and she had a good view of what was going on. :)

Warming up on deck :)

At Bat. Taylor didnt make it to base. She struck out...strangely....the pitching was pretty wild but the umpire was totally out to lunch. I try not to pick on the umpire but SERIOUSLY. One of her "strikes" actually bounced off the home plate. Sheesh I know they give these young learning pitchers a wide strike zone but he was just calling anything. Balls were only called when the catcher had to actually move 5 feet to come close the catching the ball. ANyway I think Taylor did a pretty good job when she was at bat, she didnt swing at "everything" and she tried to pick a pitch.
They lost 7-2.
While Taylor played the game, a friend's older daughter was at the park with their little girl, and she watched Annika and Holly for me. They played all over the park! It was SO nice to get to watch the game! :)

Holly the monkey on the rings

And on the bars. She can go all the way and back but prefers to slide down the poles at the ends.

Annika looking rather shocked. She was grumpy ;)

Taylor after the game.

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Boo said...

Love how your girls are so active! Love the baseball pictures! Thanks for sharing!