Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saturday went to the Park

I love the park. I prefer going for a walk in it but I do love the park. Saturday started with a party at the park. Jesse turned 4! :) I took Holly and Annika to the party which was supposed to be 2 hours and we stayed for 3.5 hours. It was too too nice and warm!
The park has awesome flowers and scenery and I hoped for some good photos. I wasnt disappointed!
When we first arrived and the girls were restless I suggested they catch a butterfly. Annika took me seriously. She chased this butterfly all over the field, and up onto this little hill. She started to climb the hill until I suggested her outfit wasnt appropriate for woods climbing.

The girls blew bubbles and Chased them. The bubble solution did not taste so good.

I took the girls over to the Tulips. Last weekend was cold, rainy, and the Tulip Festival. We didnt go to anything but we saw the tulips anyway :)




After, the kids climbed the hill. All the way up to the school. ya all the way up THERE.

Annika and I walked to the river and she posed for me ;)

Watching the water...

Holly and her friend played with this big ol frisbee. We want one of these! Too cool!

Friends brought some cotton candy and the kids slowed long enough to eat it.

Cotton Candy...

I regret that I didnt get any photos of the water park. I didnt think I would want photos at the playground so I left the camera, and all of the kids ended up in the water. It was Tonnes of fun!


erica922 said...

wow, they do know how to have fun, lol I think mines have a party 2 times a year only lol
tfs amazing pics as usual!

Vicky said...

Cute pics in the tulips...there are so many great shots that can be taken outdoor! It's a great time of year for them.