Monday, May 14, 2007

saturday Company

We had visitors on Saturday! Friends who lived near and moved further away came to see us! Their girls and our girls are the same ages and should pair off nicely. They had a great day together!
The kids having a later dinner :)

We got the kids some Skipits (we had these when we were kids but they seem to think it's a new idea lol)

I can't believe how good Holly has gotten at this! :)

These things really hurt when they crack you on the ankle!

The kids love swinging, especially if someone pushes them!
I asked Scott to edge the driveway for me before he gets new gravel for it. Once he figured out what I was talking about he got to work on it :)

It should be ready for gravel this week!
we edged a bunch of the flower gardens and trees too :)

After all the excitement Annika fell asleep in the chair. LOL She didnt even stay awake until her company left! LOL

Later there were some nice birds at the feeder. There are often 8-10 of them around these feeders. Scott used to be so worried that we wouldnt get any birds. He worried for nothing!

Holly doing the infamous Butt Wiggle for my camera :)

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erica922 said...

so funny, Annika looks so cute sleeping ont he couch and love that pink clothes of Holly!