Saturday, May 26, 2007

OH My Gawd can you believe Summer Sports are starting already????

Yup Taylor's baseball has started! She plays Mosquito this year so they play real games and have real practices with real strikes and outs and everything LOL Unlike last year where you swung til you hit, you never struck out, and you could run around the bases til you were tired. Gonna be big changes this year!
So they had a night of Evaluation, and then a practice. the practice was interesting. Scott's been coerced to coach again so he was in charge but there were others there so he didnt have to directly coach Taylor the whole time.

Fielding Grounders was a good refresher from last year. The elastic gorilla stance is the same LOL!

Trying for Flyballs is a little tougher. Taylor seems to have gotten more nervous since last year and wont get under it.

The big Guy telling them how it is.

While The practice went on and on and on, I took Annika and Holly to the nearby playground. They really love that!

Batting was painful, Taylor swung at everything and they seem to have forgotten that Scott cant pitch.

One she did hit.

Yup. The season is on now.

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erica922 said...

wow, even tough I dont like that sport lol Taylor look gorgeous playing it and the pcs of the girls at the park are fabulous Teri, tfs