Sunday, November 30, 2008

Old Mama

Holly was telling me that she finds it easy to remember how old she is because she was born in 2000 and it is now 2008. She things Annika has a harder time because she was born in 2002. And I said Taylor has even a harder time; she was born in 1998!

So Holly gives that some thought and says "so when were you born mommy? 18....13???" Ugh do i ever feel old!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things kids say

When we were driving home from Annika's dance class Monday night she was watching the house decorations as we went past. She says " That house had a tree up! Its not even close to Christmas! 40 Days, people!!!"

Holly while shopping for her Birthday Presents: "I like this magazine. Mom Im going over here to look at a book if you feel like BUYING anything"
When I told her to forget what she was seeing, she picked it right up. "forget what? What you are seeing. I dont see anything. Ok forget it. Forget what?"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a funny


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bows are Done!

For 2008 the bows are done again! Now I can cash the pay cheque and go grocery shopping :):):) Im very excited about that!

What has been going on lately? Bows. Lots of bows. When Im not doing bows Im doing school work and running the kids around from one thing to another. Things have been very busy :)
Ive been running again and went to the gym again where I have not been going. I just dont have a lot of time. now that bows are done I feel like I can take the time to go to the gym again.
I actually got alot of the house stuff put away today; emptied more boxes and cleaned a lot! cleaned the little kid's bedrooms so I could vaccuum. Put stuff away and moved stuff in our room. Its coming slowly but surely! I need to finish putting away some stuff in the basement so I can move more stuff in there. Bookcases so we can put the books away. Stuff like that. There is a whole lot of stuff from the tv stand to be put back into the tv stand. Cant wait! lol

Annika had a hair cut this week; I gave in and let her cut it. not as short as she wanted but shorter than it has ever been :)
It looks really sweet on her but I will miss that long hair :(

I got my hair put back to a more appropriate colour too! lol

Taylor sang with the choir at the birthday celebration for Muriel Duckworth . They sang at the Rebecca Cohn and Taylor was thrilled to do it, feeling it was a once in a lifetime event and missing her first swim meet for it. I think she made a good choice :)

Swimming is going great, Taylor is getting much better and is having so much fun :) she doesnt complain about practicing three times a week! I go running while she is there swimming. She has a swim meet first weekend in December.

Holly's hockey is going great! She starts games next week! It is so much fun when they start games!

Annika is dancing and loving it. I think she is having a little christmas dance for us.

I cant think of anything else important enough to write down. :)