Monday, January 25, 2010

A funny

Ever since we moved into this house Holly has insisted that we need to keep her curtain closed at night so she can sleep. Reason? She doesnt want the deer looking at her while she is sleeping. Silly goose.

The windows are pretty low to the ground.

There are a lot of deer in our neighborhood. Tonnes.

And they arent exactly shy; Although I cant find the photos, we have photos of them almost on the back deck. Almost. Scott can be outside and they will actually come around to see what he has; he goes and gets them apples and I swear they come looking for them.

This photo was actually taken from Holly's bedroom window ;)

So Holly has this fear of red-eyed deer peeking in her window. She thinks they will move back and then charge in and through her window to get her.
Im not sure what she thinks they are going to DO to her but they are going to get her. lol
SO Saturday night we put the kids to bed and Taylor was in Holly's room trying to coax two little friends into sleeping; when Holly came SCREAMING and crying out...the deer were looking in her window.
We went to her bedroom, and sure enough, there were deer looking in her bedroom window. If the window had been open I could have touched them.
There were two looking in her window; and one looking in Annika's bedroom.
They hung around long enough for us all to have a peek then they went across the street and looked in their windows over there.
Holly was freaking! She didnt want to sleep. They were going to get her.
It took ages to get her to go to sleep.
Darned deer.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Im not a good blogger

I get reminded often; Im not being a good blogger. I dont update often. And I was thinking about it the other day and really, I just didnt feel like fighting with the website.
Yeah, the website. Its not that I have nothing to say; nothing to show; every time I make a post, particularly my rather photo-heavy posts, Blogger argues with me. It says cant find this, cant do that, come back later. It eats my posts to the point that I now write them elsewhere then copy and paste. and adding photos. Forget it. HAHAAHA Im sure its just a glitch but at this time when I am really busy, its just not worth the trouble to take an hour to post short posts (which so far this one has taken; cant contact server this morning.) SIGH.

SO 2009. Its gone. Im not sad to see it go and really, nothing bad happened to me in 2009. Im not sure why Im glad to see that year go away.
What do I have to complain about?

My kids are all healthy and active little people. Maybe Im not so much but they are good. No major illness, no problems for them.

Taylor had a great year at swimming; she is somewhat less into it at the moment; they want her to move up a level which would mean swimming 5 days a week and Im not against that, really IM not. But she actually came home crying; all the things she wants to do, like riding the pony, and trying out for the school play; they all get so much harder when she would be swimming 5 days a week. Plus weekend swim meets. Which she has one this weekend; we only entered her in 1 day tho. SMART thinking on our part hahahaha

Leading us to the Pony; this was a year for riding I guess. Maybe 2010 it will get easier. This pony isnt far from our house, we should be able to get there but there is always either something to do or something stopping me. Today I have kids after school - 5 of them. Fine for the one who is riding but the ones who are not - they get cold. ANd bored. They cannot amuse themselves at all. So we wont get to the pony after school; my plan is to take Taylor this evening. Maybe? no that wont happen; Scott just informed me he has hockey tonight. Maybe I can take Holly or Annika after their friends go home? SEE? ITs hard! BUt I am going to make more effort; I see Taylor really wants to do it, and honestly that money Im spending to house the beast keeps me awake at night. Really.

Hockey for Holly; Still going awesome. They just completed a tournament over Christmas which resulted in a gold medal for them; they played very well! SHE played extra very well. Her coach may have moved her up to forward; she has been in Defence up to now but played a couple of games as a forward and did very well. SO close to scoring. Holly is a smart player and is always in the right place for her position; problem is she lacks some strength and agression. She would give the puck away if someone said boo to her hahahaha and when she tries to fire the puck down the ice she gets little more than a spark. We need to work on this with her. Still loves hockey. Eats sleeps and breaths.

Annika; started hockey in the fall. CUTENESS. LOL she isnt Holly; doesnt have any passion. But she sure enjoys her practices and skating. No idea how far she can go hahaha She has already learned so much and is doing great and wants to keep going which is of course half the battle with her; attention span of a goldfish.

Taylor did a drama play with the church group again this fall; it was super and presented at Christmas time. Scott may have Holly talked into doing the next one; practices are on Sunday mornings and Taylor goes anyway while Holly does nothing. Maybe Annika will go.

4H is getting into gear; that means I will start to have meetings for my 2 yes 2 projects. Vet Science and Scrapbooking. Ive put it off long enough.

Scott's same old.

Im same old. Resolved to run more this year because its working for me; Ive dropped some unwanted pounds and am feeling pretty fit and pleased with myself for completing 2 half marathons last year! Not sure if Im heading for a full marathon or not, but Im aiming for more halfs and some faster times this year coming. So Im going to keep running into the winter and through spring. No breaks hahaha

That's not exactly true; I took most of December off. That was my rest. But Ive this theory I read somewhere that burning 500 extra calories a day will have you lose a pound a week (if you eat wisely) so Im looking at those 500 calories all the time and in everything I eat and every activity I take part in. DO I need this donut? If I dont (and I dont totally ban them) then I just dont eat them. Sometimes for mental reasons I really DO need that donut hahahahaha
On that note Im working on aquiring a stylish wardrobe that FITS me and getting rid of stuff I dont wear anymore.

And going to declutter more of the house. I feel sometimes like we are drowning under STUFF.

All pets are doing fine. We ended the year with 3 dogs, 2 cats, a snake, gerbil, and Gecko, and a collection of fish. Maggie Moose is growing awfully fast towards the monster she is going to be. She learned the fine art of Counter-Surfing and I constantly work at getting people to put food away. She keeps getting rewarded.

Satan isnt quite himself. Im making moves to get some tests run on him and maybe I can figure out a way to help him. His allergies are very bad right now. and He has lost weight.

Rest are same old.

Working on the Rec Room next in the house-makeover. Slowly making that house "ours". Going to paint the walls and remove that "mistake" the other people started on the walls. WIsh we could do flooring. lol. And have a couch coming to go with that big ol TV that is on the wall now. Surround Sound is up and running, Ipod Dock set up, Blueray working fine; now we need to make the room a place we want to spend time. A comfy chair is next. Damn those cats better leave the leather alone!

There a post with no photos; I better add one just for fun.